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  • innitmassiv innitmassiv Nov 19, 2005 10:10 PM Flag

    Sounds like the amigos bribed whyte ?

    scum-sucking sob crooked judges stopping us getting rich - it ain't fair!

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    • NO!

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      • <Subj: Re: Sounds like the amigos bribed whyte
        By: infringeon2003
        Date: 11/20/05 11:47 pm


        The Honorable Judge Ronald Whyte is not someone they could bribe- although I do worry about avenues they may try to go down I suspect these have already been explored by the Amigoes and they have come up empty.

        I suspect given the nature of the cases he handles others have looked before equally unsuccessfully.

        'THJ"' Whyte is a GOOD MAN who presided over the civil side of the Cadance v Avant! trial. He knows evil when he sees it and how to deal with it.

        Avant!, 7 execs plead no contest

        For almost five years I worked in the EDA industry (Engineering Design Automation) on software to simulate VLSI chip designs....
        There was a great deal of talk in the EDA industry about Avant! from the time it was founded. Cadence, and later the Santa Clara District Attorney's office, alleged that Avant! had stolen the initial place and route software that went into Avant's initial product from Cadence. The case went on for years, with Avant denying everything. But the rummors were that the Avant CEO Gerald Hsu was unprincipled and that the alligations were probably true.

        On Tuesday, May 22, 2001 Hsu and seven other Avant employees pleaded no contest to the charges. The DA apparently had enough of a case that they felt that they had to make the best deal they could. For the San Jose Mercury News article, click here. Dan Gilmore also of the The Mercury New ... wrote Maybe we need a corporate death penalty

        The level of morals in the EDA industry is pretty sad. During the attempted hostile takeover of Quickturn by Mentor graphics, a judge commented that the Mentor CEO, Wally Rains, gave testamony that was not "credible" (Judge speak for "he's lying"). Mentor later paid Aptix to sue Quickturn on the basis of an Aptix patent. The executives of Aptix forged evidence and the company was fined as a result.

        Other references
        Does Crime Pay?, Business Week, September 3, 2001

        The title of the article pretty much says it all. Despite being a convicted criminal, Gerry Hsu continues on the Avant board and continues to have a large say in corporate affairs.

        To alleviate the sting of the criminal proceeding, the board is paying Hsu's entire fine as well as all of his legal expenses. More important, he is remaining as the chairman of Avant!'s board and its chief strategist--...(MSFT ) Despite all the rogue behavior, fellow board members seem untroubled by Hsu's record. When the company announced his new role, it cited a mild heart attack as the reason, with no mention of the Cadence case. According to board member Daniel Taylor, a retired U.S. Forest Service park ranger, directors never considered asking Hsu to leave. "He's too precious," Taylor says.

        In fact, the board will increase Hsu's $1.6 million salary by 5% a year through 2008, according to documents filed on July 25. That's five times more than Lo's $310,000 annual pay. The board is even trying to cement a continued role for Hsu with a new "poison pill." According to new employment contracts also unveiled on July 25, any decision by shareholders not to reelect Hsu as chairman would be deemed a "change in control." That, in turn, would allow many managers to cash out their options, thereby raising the cost of any hostile attempt to oust Hsu.

        While Hsu collects has bloated compensation package, one of the engineers who founded Avanti along with Hsu, Stephen Wuu, will be doing two years of hard time at California's maximum security state prison San Quentin. Wuu received his PhD from UC Berkeley. I've never met Stephen Wuu or even seen his picture. By I imagine him as a skinny academic type. Two years in one of California's most hellish prisons seems harsh when Gerry Hsu gets a s

    • "scum-sucking sob crooked judges stopping us getting rich - it ain't fair!"

      I hope they did bribe Whyte...
      That would certainly be the "smoking" gun for the honorable judge to put ALL of these scum-buckets in their rightful place -- including the PAINful son-of-a-b!+(#.

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