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  • farkellconspiracy farkellconspiracy Jan 5, 2006 10:22 AM Flag

    I'll COVER today's position in the mid

    I don't care what the news is...too much too fast...that's the market. I don't make the rules, I only play by them.

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    • you have been right

    • LMAO! They are just behind the curve on
      this, as usual. When these geniuses figure it out, they will do more than share my opinion, they will also share in the great wealth creation.

      You can too, but you would have to tear your bleary eyes away from your day trading screens long enough to actually research Rambus. Most LTL's have spent literally thousands of hours reading and researching our investment in Rambus, can you say the same about any stock you have ever invested in?

      Buy Rambus long term and you can retire in the near future like the rest of us if you want. but that is not your agenda in being here, is it?

    • Understand....
      I started with RMBS in 2004 buying a couple times with an avg in the 12's.....with only 1000 shares

      Had the stomach for it for 16 months, but lost my nerve a month too early and took my profit....

      I want to have a piece of the company but am mad as hell at myself for missing the 5 points from where I sold to now....I just wonder if I can buy back in and stand to sit and wait for the settlements, even though I truly believe they are coming......

    • The institutions also do not share your opinion today, rambusman.

    • You may think he is presenting a reasonable concept and with most other stocks I might agree. Just not with this one.

      And yes I first started buying in 2000 with most of my purchasing happening in 2002 under $8. I sold it all in january 04 when Judge payne was getting the remand because he scared me ( good call on that one huh?) I posted all this back then and was attacked by some supported by others.

      Besides leaps I started accumulating again as the price lowered into the teens last year. I am a happy, happy little Ramboid.

      He doesn;t have to say anything bad about Rambus, his agenda is obvious to most of us but apparently not to you.

      Sorry to hear you jumped off but the long term clues are here and you just have to have patience. If you have been in since 2000 or earlier as many here have been then you have acquired the art of waiting with grace if you are still sane.

      Rambus is LOng Term to us and it is a simple issue of Risk vs. Reward in the long term not on a day trading basis.

    • Precisely.
      Thank you for pointing all of that out.
      Happy trading.

    • Rambusman...
      I am going to assume that you bought into RMBS in 2000 as your name suggests....I hope you have bought and sold since then to make money. If you just bought and held, do not be bitter with someone who made a quick profit compared to you struggling for over 5 years as this stock dropped.

      Contrary to what you might think, he is not bashing. He is presenting a strategy that many people employ. He never said a bad thing about RMBS and even said he believes it will close up 10%. Just settle down and enjoy getting the good news that might be your first step back to even.....

      Oh and I will admit, I am definitely not an expert....I jumped out last month thinking the ruling would be delayed much longer and now I have missed the boat....

      just an unbiased point of view....

    • "Like I said...the short opportunity presented itself today.

      18% gain? No way it ends the day that way. "

      Yeah and you keep saying it but it falls on deaf ears by all on this board--you just can't get that through your thick head.

      You sound like a short day trader. Who cares about 18% today and whether or not it holds up? Only you and other fried shorts I guess. I'm in it for the 1800% and greater gain coming over the next few years.

      If you had ANY clue about this company and what it will do, you would be loading up the long truck, not backing up the short boat.

      And this is what tells all of us longs that you are an IDIOT! Get it yet?

    • Like I said...the short opportunity presented itself today.

      18% gain? No way it ends the day that way.

    • How much have you lost so far on Rambus this year, chartboy?

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