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  • mtsugawa mtsugawa Mar 17, 2006 11:51 AM Flag

    Rambus Trial

    I'm a bit surprised and perplexed by this assertion from Hynix.

    First of all, I've never once heard JW ask the observers to refrain from talking about the case outside the courtroom.

    Second of all, I've only seen the jurors when we're waiting in line to enter the court or if they happen to be riding down the elevator at the same time at the end of the day. The jurors enter the courtroom through a separate entrance and do not hang out in the hallway in front of the courtroom. Everyone that I've encountered knows not to discuss the case when the jurors are present. From my experience, everyone shuts up tighter than a drum whenever a juror is present.

    I'm suspicious of Hynix's motivation for bringing this up in front of JW. I think they may be pushing for a sealed courtroom so they can do damage control before the news gets out. They may also be concerned that the jurors will visit the message boards and see our analysis and comments.

    JMO and I'm not discrediting Mr. Stagner in any way. Maybe he's seen stuff that I haven't. I'm just saying that I haven't seen any such conduct from the Rambus investors that I know. I did see one encounter with a juror while riding in the elevator. A juror got into the crowded elevator with a bunch of us and one of the suits (I'm not sure what company he was representing) told the juror that he should make sure his juror badge was in plain view so that everyone would know he was a juror. The suit even went so far as to pull the man's jacket lapel to reveal his juror badge. The juror just looked at the guy and shrugged.


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    • Mark, as a stockholder I want you to know how much I appreciate the reports you post on this board. It is the only way we get an even shot.
      I'm sure Hynix has played this card purposedly and would love a closed court room. As usual some hotheads, using bad language, have jumped on the band wagon and want to crucify someboby.
      Please dont let this stifle your reports.

    • Is it a possibility that now that the trial has begun, a decision by JW (or motion by Stone) can be made to sequester the jury from this point onward?

      That should help protect the integrity of the process from claims of jury tampering, real or fabricated.

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      • Did you guys forget to take your medications today?

        This is a rather ordinary civil trial. Sure, the consequences are large for RMBS shareholders. However, Joe Public does not know or care anything about it. There are no TV cameras, no Geraldo Rivera, no 6:00 news headlines. Not exactly a textbook case for sequestering a jury.

        Get a grip on reality.

    • This is exactly right Mark. I observed the same thing. Rambus stockholders and lawyers were being very careful not to speak loudly or in fron on anyone who could be a juror.

      I believe that Hynix is incesned that the complete details fo teh trial are on the street every night, accurately, so they can't spin their lies as effectively.

      They also fear that a juror may go on-line and find out what is happening. Most get their news on-line now, and most know how to google Rambus Hynix for details. Many know about boards, and can easily find this an other sites where the trial infor is posted.

      Particularly critical to hynix is to give the public the impression that Rambus is likely to get very little say $70 million or a $100 million, and not have interested parties begin to publish the real damages.

      Incidently great job on covering the trial. Please find a way to continue.


    • Does the jury seem to be aware that much of the audience is composed of Rambus stock holders?

    • Imagine you are Hynix. You just saw Rambus' case-in-chief and want another go - you cry jury tainted and request a mistrial.

      It is incumbent upon us to make quadrupally certain that no one even gives the appearance of impropriety anywhere near where a juror may be.

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