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  • er49ers er49ers Apr 21, 2006 8:32 AM Flag

    There's an issue with this jury

    good or bad I don't know.
    JW thought they would reach the right verdict and be done with it while he aws gone.
    Didn't happen.
    Maybe the money is so big they're shell shocked. (hopefully)
    Or on the dark side they could be locked up, or contaminated,
    Maybe just want JW to hold their hand?

    I don't know what it is but their is a problem with this jury.

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    • Gang:

      I am so deep into this game that I am not going to change my strategy, unless I see some data. I know it might be too late in case the bus is doomed, but I am not going to twitch or move a muscle until I see an announcement about the case.

      We are all sitting on different body parts waiting for this to be over so we can celebrate. For us, who are watching the clock, time is going very slow. For the jury, who have to really understand the intricacies of the technology, law, and the facts, I am quite sure that time is going pretty fast. Remember, they still have a life outside the court. They are after all, regular citizens with family ties and commitments.

      This case is not as simple as we would have liked. For the past 6 + years, there has not been a single day I can remember when I skipped entirely thinking about some aspect of the bus. And I have the benefit of being able to observe the forest from the trees. Therefore, my decisions and conclusions are partly based on fact and partly based on extrapolations based on indirect references. In other words, I know Hynix infringes because of the amount of time I spent trying to understand the SJs, the price fixing saga, the history of what happened between Rambus, Intel and the MMS. On top of it all, I have had the benefit of posters like stkhawk, biskit, twobytebus, jmontim, SCS, mtsugawa, Calbiker, yusfdbk, etc. discussing and expounding different aspects of the technology, law, and surrounding events. Let me tell you this � if I had this quality of teachers in my elementary and middle schools, my life would have been different.

      I don�t think the jury is allowed to do that, factor in knowledge from indirect references. In fact, I hope they are not doing that. They ought to be fact based, and that too not all facts, but those presented during the trial. Or the result will be open for reversal on appeal. There are a lot of facts and there are a number of complicated aspects of the technology to be understood. In fact, one might even argue that this ought to have been a bench ruling, but then that has its own disadvantages also.

      Bottom line, if the jury wanted to rule against the bus, we would have a ruling by now. Add to that the fact the bus has 2 SJs. Combine that with the performance of Hynix to prove invalidity. I am still very comfortable. Definitely a bit irritated with the �delay�, but I may be looking at it in a different time scale than what the jurors are looking at. I am still all in.

      If we don�t get a verdict by end of next week, I would be very concerned. Right now, with about 2 half days and three 60% days of deliberations, if we don�t have a ruling, I am not too worried. Next week, if the jury still has partial days and keep deliberating away until Friday, I will start to get a bit concerned. Not now.

    • I think it is a chick thing.
      The jury is mostly female and they have "bonded" with Judge Whyte after sitting through weeks of litigation.
      They want to deliver the fruits of their labor to Whyte, and only Whyte.

      Just my guess. Let's ask a chick for her view.
      Babs, Regina, ???

    • If Rambus doesn't clean sweep this thing you can bet your ass there is something very wrong.

    • I hate to say it but I'm getting the same vibe. There's an issue with the jury.
      I'm the minority with this view but I can't shake the feeling.
      If this Jury is hung, it would be the reason they are waiting for Whyte to return.
      They couldnt even get a slide to review out of Lloys so it makes sense that they'd wait for Whyte to return if there was a problem. Plus, why cancel Friday (today) delibertaions?
      This is all speculation on my part but I really dont like yesterdays deviation from the script. The jury should still be deliberating today if they didn't finish yesterday. I don't buy the theory that they want to deliver their verdict to Whyte.
      Either there are days of deliberation to go or there is an issue.

      • 11 Replies to regina33014
      • I think for such a big case with so many claims
        and counterclaims, it might be too much to
        expect the jury (with most of them being no
        professional in this business) to finish the
        job in less than 4 full working days plus that
        Mag. Lloyd is sometimes uncertain in some areas
        and thus unable to give the quick and right
        guidance to them and that may result in appeal

        As someone posted here yesterday, something like a Medicine patent case had deliberation time for 5 weeks and this Medicine case should
        be at least 5 times simplier than this one

        I would say, to be reasonable with the jury,
        something like 10 full working days under JW's
        guidance is fair

      • Regina those who worrying about "this jury" ... please note:

        * this jury is just like everyone out in California, mellow, slow, laid back and in NOOOOOOO hurry to "do the people's work"; this 'hectic pace' (not!) is NORMAL for many on the left coast ... the entire state is often in danger of falling into a coma!

        * they're lay people trying to grasp a HIGHLY technical blob of confusing patent and legal gibberish! Hell, even the CHARGE is stated as a somewhat confusing 'double negative' = the patents are "not invalid"; normal folks don't think in 'double negatives'!

        * MANY people here are highly technical in their job backgrounds and training ... those of us NOT 'technical' are befuddled by much of the techno-babble, and so is this jury

        * NOBODY who hasever been on a jury would EVER wish to do ANYTHING to 'drag it out'! Jury duty is like the longest, most hideous management or staff meeting you've EVER attended in your working life, only at MUCH lower pay!!! I'd rather stick knitting needles into my eyes and out the back of my head than ever have to do jury duty again, and I susepct that's how this jury is feeling.

        Anything this big takes TIME. With Judge Whyte back next week, I'm sure he'll drop into the room for a brief "Hello again, everyone! How's it going? Have they been treating you well?" chat ... and I'm fairly certain he'll find a discrete way to light a blow torch under their butts.

        Live long and prosper!


      • This jury is hung!

      • "Plus, why cancel Friday (today) delibertaions?"

        Regina, Keep in mind that This Trial's Schedule Never Included Fridays Anyway. Still doesn't make sense why the Jury left @ Noon on a Thursday.

        Stay Calm

      • i also am worried , this should have been over.investors have big profits and they took some yesterday.

      • this jury hasn't spent enough time deliberating at all .
        its not the number of days that matters as much as how manny hours of work have actualy been spent "deliberating ".

      • Regina, It's a holiday week and Whyte himself was on vacation for God sake. There is NO issue with the jury except that to keep the jury together, Whyte permitted flexibility in their deliberation schedule.


      • Just not sure what the issue is!

        A little homework led me to 2/12/04.Right before Mcguire/FTC ruling.Nice midday drop on 23.66 million shares.Seems to be same action as yesterday.Need to see trading today to evaluate more

        I am also still very long and feel they won.Maybe they need Whyte for monetary damages.

        I am also thinking about Amigo's getting to one jurist.Would not put that pass them.

        Whyte will handle this on Monday.That is making thinking about buying more today!

      • blah, blah, blah, sell now regina, obviously way too much doubt in your mind. Do you post messages like these so you can say "darn, should have went with my gut feeling,?" So yoiu can say you were right next week and people should have listened to your doubts/confusion, or just to spread doubt and confusion to everyone else. I truly do not understand people like you, you're like children. OK let loose the dogs and slam me hard.

      • I should add that I hope Im wrong, because at the moment, my money is still riding on a court win for Rambus.

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