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  • mardermj mardermj Apr 24, 2006 11:37 AM Flag

    Mardermi-snide remarks

    Unless you are short, you are an ass. Tomonthebus is an LTL who has consistently posted worthwhile info on this board for years. Where did you come from and what have you provided????????
    You know me as yourdeadmeat69, which is the handle I use when yahoo inexplicably tosses me to the wind.

    Arguing to the man instead of to the procedure is what is wrong with your thinking, instead of hedging your bets against all these make believe evil market forces, you bet red or black, close your eyes and hold your breath.

    Even your most revered "longs" have bought puts and sold covered calls at some price, in order to buffer market forces no one can predict.

    So, unless you have a better way of taking less risk while pulling more shares out of the float, why don't you cuddle up with management which wants to vote another self gratifying bonus for themselves to the tune of 8M more shares, and try to figure out that if we win, whether any of that money is going to drift to the shareholders, or is it going to be paid like last quarter in employee bonus.

    In the meantime, the jury is jerking you me and everyone else around inexplicably laid back California style, and we have many challenges before this is dead bang.

    So STFU and learn something about investing before you shoot your mouth off.

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