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  • oriondhunter8 oriondhunter8 Apr 29, 2006 12:29 PM Flag

    Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen....

    ...(any lady or ladies involved?)...

    I have followed your discussion on the heading "RESJUICATA" (or more appropriately, RES ADJUDICATA), and sorry to say that most of you are once again partly wrong and partly correct. The originator of the thread is partly wrong. International Lawyer is also partly wrong in that he fails to distinguish between RESJUDICATA and COLLATERAL ESTOPPEL. These principles are not one and the same. Defcon is correct as to the non-application of Blonder.

    What has been sorrily overlooked in your debate is the different and varying elements between the 2 terms. The requirement of "same parties, issues" etc. indeed was discussed but none of you none of you cited the most important element: FINALITY of the judgment or verdict.

    All your discussions are, therefore, PREMATURE insofar as the Hynix verdict is concerned which you seek to apply on Micron.

    That, notwithstanding, Rambus patents that are already found VALID in Whyte's court will have PERSUASIVE effect in Jordan's court. Indeed, Micron will be given a full and fair opportunity to again question the validity of the same patents by arguing that the Hynix products that infringed Rambus' patents are different from Micron's products. Of course Rambus WILL prove the contrary and as to those that are UNIQUE to Micron's products, Rambus will prove infringement the same way it did with Hynix including the invocation again of the DOCTRINE OF EQUIVALENTS.

    Relax gentlemen. Do not think too much. Just enjoy the landmark Hynix verdict and enjoy your weekend.

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    • <<<excalibur, what am i running from? i have asked some serious questions and posed some answers. when i do the topic is changed

      who hijacked the first plane?

      who was the first people to commit a suicide bombing?>>>

      Most all of the few people that read your posts know you run from the real issues and post bs questions that get away from the fact the Israel caused all the trouble in the middle east by invading and occupaying land that is not theirs. All terrorists suck including Israel.

      What knock off ID??? What difference does it make the last time I updated by ID. It probably was longer ago then yours. You change many times a day. Why don't you stop running from the issues that you start. Israel has the world on the edge of Nuclear destruction and assh*les like you are inciting people to more violence for the sake of Israel. Why don't you move there. Too dangerous will all the hatred people like you incite?

    • The fact of the matter is that Palestinians were Bedouin groups mainly living in Palestine and composed of many minority groups and religions.

      Jordan was created by the British by taking 80% of "Palestine" and giving it independence. Jordan was 50-80% Palestinian. In 1968 the PLO redefined "Palestinians " to exclude all but those of Arab lineage.

      King Hussein of Jordan moved to quash an attempt by Palestinian organizations to overthrow his monarchy. The attack resulted in heavy civilian Palestinian casualties. Armed conflict lasted until July 1971 with the expulsion of PLO and thousands of Palestinians to Lebanon.

      No Arab country, with all the land they have, wanted the Palestinians in their country. Stick a shovel anywhere in the ground in Israel and you find Jewish, Muslim, and Christian artifacts, not Palestinian artifacts.

      Arabs were beaten by the Jews in the 1967 Six Day War and lost the land that they now called occupied. The Arabs have been trying to regain their honor ever since by trying to get the land back.

      Had the Arabs won that war would they give the land back to the Jews? You fight a war and lose, there are consequences, loss of land being the most obvious.

    • Don't be so one-sided. The Israelis haven't exactly been 'peaceful' either. They have been just as unwilling to compromise as the arabs. Both sides are brought up as children to hate the other--I've seen it myself. When hatred is so ingrained it is difficult to find a peaceful resolution. All in the name of 'god' on both sides. It's just sick.

    • "I doubt there are 3 million in refugee camps. If there are most are Arabs from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt - and not Palestinians "

      You doubt? This is Israel's greatest fear, and most refused plea. The 3,000,000 are real. The refugee camps are real. And they are Palestinians, whose fathers and grandfathers and mothers and grand mothers lived and owned the houses and lands the Jews confiscated by forces of arms after they drove the British from the Mandate.

      Left their homes ar the request of the Arabs??? What utter BS. The Israelis had the arms and the training. They drove them out and literally move tehmselves in.

      The Palestinians were defensless goar herders and farmers. Israel was from day one already becoming a military power that even Egypt Syria and Lebanon combined couldn't put a glove on.
      The Palestinains left taking nothing with them, not by request, but running for their lives as refugees have ever before and since in the face of guns and fire and murder and rape.

      I'm no Arab. I Scot-Irish. I've know the facts.

      My people were driven off their lands because the Brits took the wheat they grew, and left them to starve on a failed potato crop.

      You are spouting propaganda promoted by the Jewish Lobby and the Zionists, spewed to justify the continued violent repression and extirpation of the Palestinian poeple over the last 60 years.

      In 1930 there were fewer than 30000 Jews in all of Palestine, including Jerusalem.

      The Jews were killed or driven out in 90 AD. Have you forgotten your history?

      And the Zionists who came in the 20s, 30s and 40s were european Jews, mostly from Germany and Russia. Those that were there up to the 1940s migrated there and the Palestinian arabs allowed them to do so.

      The Balfour act of 1919 signed by Britain, and later by the USA allowed them to move to the Palestine, and supported their being allowed to create a Jewish state.

      It did not support the Zionists throwing the Palestinains out of their country, or killing them. And for 60 years now, that is precisely what they have done.

      Since 1947, despite the inept help of their Arab neighbors, the Palestininans have remained locked in Bantustans controlled by the Jewish state, their lands siezed, their homes and orchards bulldozed.

      For all practical purposes the Palestinians who remain are prisoners, fed or not fed, clothed or not clothed, allowed mediacal care or not allowed it, allowed to import food or not allowed it depending on the decisions of the decisions of the Jewish state.

      The Jewish state has one aim since day one the elimination of Palestinians from Palestine, and the creation of a "Jewish" atate covering the whole region.

      There is no solution to the Palestinian problem, because there is no desire for a solution by the Zionists, except the elimination of Arabs and Christians from the land.

      They've half succeeded. The Christians are very nearly gone. The Palestinians remain, mainly because of high birth rates, despite the apartheid and the prison camp status they live under.

    • Don't know whose history books you've been reading.

    • Your post is full of misinformation - much like all Arab points of view.

      I am glad you mentioned the Jewish diapsora. Jews have been there for thousands of years before BC. It has always been the Jewish homeland and always will be. Any Arabs that left during the war for independence left not because they were driven out, but becaues the Arab powers told them to leave so they could kill all the Jews there. Well - they left and the Jews won the war.

      I doubt there are 3 million in refugee camps. If there are most are Arabs from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt - and not Palestinians - they are Arab refugees who are forced to live there and blame their plight on Israel. The Arabs have no incentive to solve the Palestinian problem since they can use them to garner worldwide sympathy.

      The Palestinians had a chance with Arafat to get half of Jerusalem and 90% of the West Bank - and they refused instead starting the Infantada so they wipe Israel off the map.

      It is time for them to be absorbed by Arab countries and go back where they came from.

      Jerusalem was the holiest city to Jews way before Islam existed. And why did they build the Al Asqa mosque over the second Temple? So Jews would not have access to their holiest site or they would start a world war. Why did the Palestinians want to bury their terrorists in Bethlehem where Jesus was born? So they could convert a holy Christian site to a moslem shrine / mosque. The moslems and Arabs are always looking for reasons to be instigators. Peace is not in their vocabulary.

    • I though I had just joined a Rambus Board.

      Did I wander into the war between the Palestinians and the Jews?

      Incidentally, your facts are wrong. Arabs have dwelled in the land now called Israel for at least twenty centuries, since the Jewish diaspora began around ad 90.

      The land became empty because the zionists emptied it driving out more than 400000 in 1947 alone.

      You can call the Palestinians sand niggers, rag heads, terrorists, whatever.

      But there are 3,000,000 living in refugee camps in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other welcome spots in the Middle East, whose ancestors were driven from their homes by the Israeli army.

      Palestine was many things, but Jerusalem was primarily Arab and Muslim until the British supported Zionist drive to import european Jews to Palestine.

    • Regina you are just too funny. Keep it up, we are all in need of some levity right now.


    • <<Your one-sided blind hypocrisy is what causes the injustice that causes the trouble in the middle east and the world.>>

      Get a friggin education!! Clearly, you don't have a clue as to Middle East history.

      Do you know when the Jews started settling again in modern day Israel/Palestine? It was in the first half of the 19th century. Do you know who "occupied" this land at this time (circa 1830-1850)? Zip, no one, none.

      Why did the Jews then choose to settle there? One, because the place was empty and two, they were being oppressed again in Europe.

      They looked at Palestine and saw it void of any meaningful habitat and said to themselves, "look, our holy land is unoccupied, lets go live there." As much as they were against it, they didn't want to move there, even though it was the land of their forefather�s centuries ago. The Holy Land. But they had no choice and re-occupy it they did. They moved in with any conflict, resistance or troubles. There was no one there to care !!

      What were the surrounding "Arab" states known as at that time? The Ottoman Empire. The Jews systematically moved in and occupied a territory that was barren. No one cared for decades. It was only when they (the Jews) did something with the land, that the nomadic people became interested and as the Jews become more and more predominant it was only toward the end of the 19th century that it became an issue to the Ottoman Empire, who remember, were Islamic.

      That's just a tip of modern day Israeli history. You are expressing the troubles of the area from a perspective of an uneducated, fed by the media, Moron.

    • You are another religious idiot! The only reason our government is concerned with the Middle East is oil! Israel has nukes and should tell the Muslim World that if they cherish Mecca, then don�t f@ck with Israel or face the consequences! It is really that simple. The USA needs to get the f@ck out of the Middle East and concentrate our efforts on becoming energy independent of the world by use of what ever means! I will be buying a hybrid in the not to distant future.

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