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  • mardermj mardermj Jun 18, 2006 10:50 AM Flag

    Honest dialogue and opinion solicited

    If management is so arrogant as to tell shareholders go buy Coke if they don't like him giving half the profit to the insiders and employees, (that's what happened and what he said at the CC) who here actually thinks this stock isn't capped at half what it was worth at the high, right now that price being 22 and change?

    And why?

    And who doesn't think the next victory isn't going to halt around the early thirtees as a result?

    Anybody care to engage in meaningful dialogue and lift their heads from speculating about the latest conspiracy or what the legal eagles will do when? That is all fine when you have a chance to profit from those exploits, just kick back a moment and tell me why you think this stock is now going to the moon with all of managements faux pas, to include the backdating option business, which is really the icing on the cake with respect to arrogance and greed?

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    • Honest dialog and opinion solicited? ROFLMAO
      Man are you in the wrong place. Half the people here are lying their asses off trying to talk the stock down, the rest are delusional mental cases, or people in denial with their heads stuck in the sand. Guaranteed we are all dysfunctional, myself included or we would have something better to do than post here.

    • HH arrogance has capped this stock so far, with a few point bounce based on daytrader speculation on litigation, but so far those with substantive responses lay the demise of the share price soley on HH arrogance and greed.

      Still waiting for others to say differently.

    • Easy AT trial is coming up. They will settle before that. Good money coming next year if we go to trial. What bank will loan money for an appeal of 10 billion. If you think about it who is going to give hynix money to appeal this infringement trial. All of hynix bankers are bailing as we speak. I see another run up in price this august like we had in march. We should have good covage of the trial thanks to Infrigeon,tdox,Mark. If the market sences a win we go up. Its pretty simple shorts are making bucks now but we will make a fortune on this stock. jmo greatpick

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      • Easy AT trial is coming up.<<

        The AT case (so called) won't be through before 2010.

      • <<< ...I see another run up in price this august like we had in march...>>>

        And then what?!

        Any anticipated rambus court victory henceforth will be HALLOW insofar as the PPS is concerned. Sure, a favorable ruling for rambus here and there will certainly move the PPS a point or two. And then what?! Every gain will just be eaten up by the day traders and the insiders.

        The PPS will not get a significant rise and stability UNTIL Harold Hughes is gone and there is a significant change in BOD policies and membership. Remember that!

      • this stock is only going to go up significantly if and when they close the door on profit theft through their option games and a variety of other such behaviors and focus of getting some real on-going profits going from new and sustained business. Big money investors and those with fiduciary responsibilities to others as they are investing their money are not going to buy this stock because of the current rip-off management team and their irrational beliefs that they are entitled to mega-bonus compensation on top of the mega salary and benefits compensation.

        If you want to see a real CEO look at Greehley of VLO (now chairman of the board) and if you want to see a real company focused on maximizing return to its investors as well as employees go look at VLO and all that Greehley has done.

        Now no one is going to claim that big oil and oil refining is not as ugly a business as the one rambus is in but somehow Greehley never sued anyone and was rarely sued by anyone as he made millions for everyone and led VLO to its current position.

        And VLO will make a 25% gain by septemeber for sure (can you say that about rambus??)after doubling twice and splitting twice in the last 3 years (can you say that about rambus)by attending to business and not being a ugly company to deal with or an ugly management team (remeber the concept of the Ugly American ...HH has completely revived and redefined it)and sharing the profits with their stock holders as well as their employees and management.

        You will not believe what a self-made person greehley is, literally up from nothing, and how personally generous he is and the good works he does and how he is admirered and respected by everyone as is anyone who is a manager for him. He is not an ugly man and he did not build an ugly compnay even though he is in a really ugly business.

    • Because of your transparant attempts at bashing the stock down..

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