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  • jimcar jimcar Jun 18, 2006 11:20 AM Flag

    Honest dialogue and opinion solicited

    this stock is only going to go up significantly if and when they close the door on profit theft through their option games and a variety of other such behaviors and focus of getting some real on-going profits going from new and sustained business. Big money investors and those with fiduciary responsibilities to others as they are investing their money are not going to buy this stock because of the current rip-off management team and their irrational beliefs that they are entitled to mega-bonus compensation on top of the mega salary and benefits compensation.

    If you want to see a real CEO look at Greehley of VLO (now chairman of the board) and if you want to see a real company focused on maximizing return to its investors as well as employees go look at VLO and all that Greehley has done.

    Now no one is going to claim that big oil and oil refining is not as ugly a business as the one rambus is in but somehow Greehley never sued anyone and was rarely sued by anyone as he made millions for everyone and led VLO to its current position.

    And VLO will make a 25% gain by septemeber for sure (can you say that about rambus??)after doubling twice and splitting twice in the last 3 years (can you say that about rambus)by attending to business and not being a ugly company to deal with or an ugly management team (remeber the concept of the Ugly American ...HH has completely revived and redefined it)and sharing the profits with their stock holders as well as their employees and management.

    You will not believe what a self-made person greehley is, literally up from nothing, and how personally generous he is and the good works he does and how he is admirered and respected by everyone as is anyone who is a manager for him. He is not an ugly man and he did not build an ugly compnay even though he is in a really ugly business.

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