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  • bummerisay bummerisay Jun 18, 2006 11:20 AM Flag

    Most of the FUD's - know


    No money to be made staying short on RMBS here

    So either they are boiler room hackers for cartel


    Wanta be longs - just bashing to buy on the cheap - alot of those on here with market predictions, NNaz levels, blah blah blah

    Bottom Line

    Higher Highs, Higher Lows, Short Interest DECREASING - watch next report on 6/27 - Short Interest will down further. This is one of those stocks where DECEASING SHORT INTEREST IS BULLISH SIGN - go take a look at Dec 05, Jan 06 when stock started its move up

    BTW friday down on enemic volume -

    Starting its next leg up and will set new Highs

    Happy Father's day !

    This topic is deleted.
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    • "FUD" isn't a noun philistine.

      >>DECEASING SHORT INTEREST IS BULLISH SIGN - go take a look at Dec 05, Jan 06 when stock started its move up<<

      By that I presume you mean "decreasing", hard to tell as you seem barely literate. Good job you used a Jan '06 cut-off though .. short interest has risen since February.

      Oh, and Dec 15 '05 Short interest was 10,614,341 on an average daily volume of only 2,180,121 with 4.87 days to cover ... by May 15 '06 it was 9,315,544 on an ADV of 7,271,063 (slightly more than a 10% drop against a 235% increase in volume) - days to cover? 1.28!

      Therefore it's possible to draw four conclusions from your post;
      1. You're almost illiterate.
      2. Your TA skills stink.
      3. You're about 15.
      4. Someone is shorting the sh*t out of this stock, very hard and very fast.

    • HH ruined this companies rise to the top by capping the stock price advising half the profits go to insiders and other option holders, except of course the ones they backdated and are into self scrutiny with respect thereto (that's so they don't go to jail)

      And if you don't like it, go buy Coke! That advice comes from Harold Hughes himself last quarterly, and you can read all about it on the yahoo board.

      Arrogant bastard hope he drops dead of a lingering cancer that has him crapping out his mouth, but that is what has caused the company stock to drop by half.

      You can litigate successfully till your brains fall out, but if nothing is shared with shareholders, what is the goddam point?

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