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  • young10m young10m Jul 25, 2007 10:32 AM Flag

    Who cares about earning tonite!!!

    It's the future royalty payment that RMBS will receiving from all those memory chip makers.
    I am starting to accumulate

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    • You have to be an all-star moron. Go ahead and accummulate. No, even better, buy with two fists, mortgage your house, kids and dog. What a bargain this stock is.

      I sure hope you are not anyhere near retirement, jerk-off, because you are gonna need many years to work yourself out of this mess.

      Do yourself a favor and hold on to your cash 'cause this baby is going to single digits. Then you won't need to mortgage anything.

    • Since earnings are NOT tonight, probably no one.

    • Ummm...Anyone that is holding this train wreck should care...$16 can become $10 or LESS real damn fast...

      I suspect they already leaked the number and it isn't pretty...

      As for buying here...WHY? Management has shown total disregard for the shareholders by failing to get the books done in a timely manner...The stock has and will continue to suffer as a result...

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      • investorstrust Jul 25, 2007 3:38 PM Flag

        the original poster's msg is worth considering ... why?

        here is a test of your investing acumen ?? or acuwomen if you claim the other gender some of the time ...

        do you think the bus' failed financial disclosures and admittance to major financial restating a-coming is just a minor blip and won't affect the price much .... this old news is fundamental and critical to this stock price movements ...

        do you think there are only minor and unintentional financial disclosure problems ..???..

        next shoe to drop .... more excuses on the conference call tomorrow ... more rhetoric and like a magician's misdirection they hope you will be distracted from their continued pattern of no certified financials...

        this company is better off on one of the lesser regulated asian exchanges ... then they can fit in with no filings and crappin excuses ... where is the SEC investigative unit for such obvious financial disclosure issues ... where there is smoke it could be a raging inferno of abuse ..

        well, the bus is ripe for coming civil class action litigations from shareholders and possibly worse from the SEC ... all this is old news, but it is as frustrating to the shorts as it is for the longers ...

        the bus already admitted that ALL their prior financials must be restated, costing an estimated 180million in non-cash "adjustments" ... and that their financials could not be completed due to the 5 yrs of litigation ... but what about those option granting practices ??????????? ... just too much negative to offset all the magnificent patents on hand ... and no company would by these problems ... so why go long ??? its got to be goin down down down below 10 due to its own stuff ... you think???

      • RFMD missed and they are up over 7%

13.87-0.17(-1.21%)11:22 AMEDT