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  • tech_hound tech_hound Jul 22, 2010 10:29 PM Flag

    RMBS Management is Delusional

    Harry Hughes and Sharon actually believe they represent state of the art licensing expertise.


    What a JOKE

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    • A marketing guy in a semiconductor company once said to me, that you really do have to have something that people want to sell it to them.

      Give Sharon and Harold, their due. They have done extremely well milking Rambus as they go through the motions.

      Notice...the new guy that sold to GE...."He brought things to light" pretty quick. And notice, he doesn't have Sharon handling his license agreements. Of course he had some patents that actually help someone make a decent product at a good margin.

      Perhaps he is the next CEO?

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        "Analysts estimate that the lighting market segment

        that GE is focusing on is a $100 to $120 Billion market annually."

        And the licensing fees will be "similar" to those in the semiconductor business.

        A mid-point of $110,000,000,000 annual lighting

        segment revenues times 2.0% licensing fees

        equals $2.2 Billion of potential licensing revenue to Rambus.

        Just licensing 10% of this market would be a quarter of a billion dollars of annual revenue for Rambus.

        And they paid what for the LED business?

        All of $15 million?

        An absolutely brilliant acquisition by Harold Hughes and his team!

        Keep buying guys.


      • Did you notice that dillusional Harry has set up a lighting division, but that division has NO REVENUES.

        Harry is a Genius in his own mind

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