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  • chas007y chas007y Mar 9, 2011 11:08 AM Flag

    Does anyone not believe CAFC and trial..

    Does anyone not believe CAFC is colluding with the trial judges to hold the Rambus business hostage to jam a settlement down their throats, because a trial is way above the capabilities of these judges

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    • Collusion = rambus gets probed hard.
      get out while you still can.

    • if time warrants, review the message board and messages from drumbuss,etc.-his views are "poignantly" and darn near "right on the money" as far as this situation has played out; i was a hopin' that this person would be wrong, but his views and POSTS were about as "good as they get"--this corner was in denial--no regrets, but a lesson learned in the meantime...give credence where it is due; his legal opinions expressed would persuade one to "give him a call" if legal issues were needed to be addressed.
      i bet he was near the "top of his class" all said and done- in the pursuit of juris prudence studies.etc. ----time to scoop snow once again and contemplate what to do with OLE RAMBUS shares.....still a little long on the :"ole bus"!

    • that is the "consensus" of all the FOLLOWERS of ole "bus" on this board; a never ending SAGA of delays, announcements, postponements, lawyer's appealing; all said and done, " this corner would find it hard to believe there EXISTS another situation in the stock market that reflects this ongoing dilema- all , imho...rambus hands 'ARE TIED all the way to the freethrow line--the legal system will prevail and not the desires of rambus shareholders....gonna sell next time at 21.50---time to move on!

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