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  • gregory.lynn Sep 4, 2011 5:03 AM Flag

    RDRAM is actually pretty darn good

    I haven't resorted to name calling, nice try. Speaking of which, there was never a cartel. That word is demeaning in and of itself. JEDEC is a consortium, but some of its members crossed the line when it came to discussing prices.

    The plea you linked to does not explain what actually happened. I read the sworn testimony of the Micron employee involved. They were negotiating with Dell, and agreed not to REDUCE the prices for SDRAM in their negotiations.

    You are asking a lot of people, to believe that this is related to the Turner email. I know you don't think it was a joke, but you were not the intended audience. Turner has given sworn testimony that this was said in jest, and that the actual recipients knew it to be too ridiculous to be true.

    Micron's management came forward and cooperated with the DOJ fully when it came to the admitted price fixing, the employee responsible was acting on his own.

    Rambus ambushed the DRAM industry claiming patent rights to technology already built into JEDEC standards, which they had inside information about. They later tried to force Intel to use RDRAM or else, and they have always used threat of litigation to push people around. These people are truly scum, and you defending them for your own monetary gain is pitiful.

    I know you bet the farm on this sinking ship, admit it.

    Now, about this STRONG BUY rating you keep giving this worthless stock. People sometimes invest money based on what people think about stocks. What happens to their hard earned money if Rambus loses this AT trial because they LIED about spoliation?? Be honest, and at least put some other rating that at least tells people that there is a big risk to owning this company stock.

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