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  • jerseycrooner3 jerseycrooner3 Sep 29, 2011 10:49 PM Flag

    RMBS Chips Defective and Doomed to Fail!

    Rambus RDRAM technology was flawed and therefore destined to fail on its own accord. Intel testified about this fact. Whatever the price of DRAM set by Micron, Hynix, Samsung or Jimminy Cricket, RMBS technology was doomed from the very start. Maybe Micron did not know that at the time, but thems the facts jack! RMBS should be awarded nothing for covering up this most important fact!

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    • gregory.lynn Sep 30, 2011 9:57 AM Flag

      On July 22, 1998, Karp presented the finished document retention policy to Rambus employees. The slides used for this presentation were titled “BEFORE LITIGATION: A Document Retention/Destruction Policy.” The policy explicitly stated that destruction of relevant and discov-erable evidence did not need to stop until the commence-ment of litigation. Despite the policy’s stated goal of destroying all documents once they were old enough, Karp instructed employees to look for helpful documents to keep, including documents that would “help establish conception and prove that [Rambus had] IP.”

      The document destruction policy extended to the de-struction of backups of Rambus’s internal email. On March 16, 1998, an internal Rambus email discussed the “growing worry” that email backup tapes were “discover-able information,” and discussions began regarding how long to keep these backup tapes. On May 14, 1998, Ram-bus implemented a new policy of keeping email backup tapes for only 3 months. Karp said that keeping tapes for any longer period of time was shot down by “Rambus’[s] litigation counsel.” Consistent with this policy, in July 1998, Rambus magnetically erased all but 1 of the 1,269 tapes storing its email backups from the previous several years. The one exempted was a document that helped Rambus establish a priority date, and, as discussed below, Rambus went through great lengths to restore that docu-ment from the backup tapes.

    • gregory.lynn Sep 30, 2011 9:51 AM Flag

      Care to explain, or shall we just trust your superior judgment?

    • Check your facts..... INTEL did NOT Testify to the fact you allude to. Only FORMER Intel employees testified, NO CURRENT employees. I wonder why they are FORMER employees. I wonder why the Cartel couldn't get CURRENT employees to testify for them??? Several articles at the time of the issues were published with Intel personnel "Always stating, that RDram was superior to SDram. Speed,
      clocking, Double edge packets being transferred vs. one edge only for SDram. The only contention was the pricing (RDram was higher production cost) and the cartel made sure it remained higher by NOT producing it themselves and buying out other plants that was producing RDram and then shutting them down restricting the quantity available, thus making pricing higher. Further, consider that several Cartel members were convicted on Criminal charges and have spent time or still are spending time in JAIL. FOUND Quilty of colluding together, and Price Fixing. What don't you understand about "Found Quilty"!??!
      Now is the time for them to PAY the PIPER! Pay Rambus!

    • The Killer is "not guilty" cause his victim was gonna die anyway. Uh, Don't think it works that way.

      The Cartel is guilty. Whether RDRam was any good or not.

    • Intel hates Rambus and blames them for holding up production because RAMBUS OWNS THE PATENT!!!

    • It was doomed because cartel price fixed and made the cost too high and limited production. Cartel sold their below cost to monopolize market then tripled price once it was standard.

      Killing Rambus so they wouldn't have to pay patent licensing fees.


      • 1 Reply to niko1605
      • There are so many things wrong with this post I don't know where to start.

        "It was doomed because cartel price fixed and made the cost too high and limited production."

        If you want to sell something you have to fix some sort of price. There's no evidence of collusion in the late 90's. Micron didn't even produce RDRAM and set their prices to be more attractive and gain market share. that's good business, not illegal.

        "Killing Rambus so they wouldn't have to pay patent licensing fees."

        Licensing fees mean nothing, that's just a cost passed on to the consumer. One of the many reasons RDRAM was more expensive. It was probably least of the reasons.

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