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  • niko1605 niko1605 Oct 5, 2011 12:58 AM Flag

    To all the Rambus bashers

    There is no reason for them to be here.

    You don't see Rambus investors bashing on the micron board.

    It's funny because you do have micron investors bashing micron though.

    Bashers are like bullies.  They feed on attention.  If you ignore them they will dry up and blow away

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    • mikaeljoh Oct 7, 2011 1:41 PM Flag

      They crave attention and love chaos. Why are the rambus bashers here? Ask yourself, why so much hate and why do they spend all this energy into coming here instead of going to the sites where they invest?

      Because they are paid to do so.

    • "That said, Rambus had every right and protection under the antitrust laws to let the market determine the viability of its RDRAM product."

      The decision was made. All generations of RDRAM were junk. It was entirely Rambus' fault that that was the case. They had access to some of the best engineers in the world through their partnerships with Toshiba and NEC right off the bat. They were given the opportunity to correct the mess they had made of their data interface and over the course of five years adapt the result to transferring data to and from arrays of DRAM.

      Instead of being grateful for the opportunity and thankful that they could avoid the expense, risk and uncertainty of operating a fabrication line, procuring materials and equipment, maintaining a facility, paying a large staff, testing and packaging a product, marketing and distributing their goods in a highly competitive market and all of the other necessities of operating a semiconductor memory business; including negotiating the necessary licenses to allow for the manufacture of ordinary DRAM (something they have to this day not made any technical contribution to), they arrogantly thought that by pure hot air and bombast they could monopolize not only the computer main memory interface market but that if they were "clever" enough and lied enough that they could expand that unjust monopoly to absorb all of the data interface markets and extract a "tax" from all "makers" of semiconductor devices.

      Patent claims they wrote after the failure of their Base and Concurrent Rambus generations and in light of the impending failure of the Direct generation of their interfaces specifically directed toward competing systems (and not just JEDEC standards compliant SDRAM) are simply part of their ongoing scheme to defraud the public of the benefit of technologies not developed by Rambus, not improved by them and in too many cases to count not even understood by Rambus' founders or the gang of incompetents they've surrounded themselves with. Their spoliation and perjury relates both to that scheme (which gained them unjust monopolies over six essential technologies so far) but also to this "antitrust" schame they hatched to punish those who resisted their efforts to establish and extend a cartel of "licensed Rambus manufacturers" who would swear to forgo any independent competitive development of technologies and products to make Rambus "King of DRAM" under threat of lawsuit.

      Trying to rationalize away ongoing felony monopolization by claiming that Rambus has something to "punish" those who avoided their garbage product is a poor rationalization. Thinking that through some quasi-legal legerdemain Rambus can somehow perfect its fraudulent scheme on the basis of the sliminess of its business partners is an even poorer notion.

    • ok, thanks.

    • Around 30 or so. Like I've stated more than once I'm posting under an alias to my normal account. It seems to be locked and unchanging to my birthday when I first signed up with yahoo in 96 or 97.

    • Again, how old were you when you were 'there'?

    • I gave you five stars.

      Yahoo finance boards became joke a long time ago. There's only a few that are serious.

      I personally believe Rambus' actions are borderline criminal. I was there.

      Best of luck to you.

    • "Of all the people hurling insults at me on this board, I believe you have shown the most restraint, so I won't call you anything except Rambusince99 or just 99 from now on."

      Fair enough Greg. I appreciate it.

      Now as to document destruction and alteration, sure Micron will say it was one individual. And they will also say that Linda Turner was joking about price fixing. And they will also say that Mike Sadler was acting on his own. And Hynix will say that Farhad Tabrizi didn't really mean "Rambus killing" and was also acting on his own. To an MU supporter, I'm sure that all seems plausible. From a Rambus point of view, it reeks of a conspiring cartel. And those differences of perception are the reason we are all here.

      I would simply tell you that your position of everything Rambus is bad, and everything Micron is good, is unresonable. Micron engaged in felony price fixing as admitted to the DOJ. Micron most surely engaged in patent infringement as determined by the unanimous jury in Hynix v. Rambus wherein the facts are virtually identical. Micron engaged in obstruction of justice with key documents. So MU is not the model corporate citizen you envision them to be.

      Conversely, Rambus wrongly destroyed documents, as determined by the CAFC. The spoliation issue relates to the patent infringement trial, not to this antitrust trial. No logical argument about Rambus spoliation in 1998/99 can legitimize felony antitrust price fixing activities by MU in 2000/2002, e.g. "you guys threw out documents. We don't know what they were, but we are sure they were important and it caused us to commit felony price fixing." Doesn't make sense, and it doesn't legitimize price fixing conduct.

      I was once an MU shareholder but got out when Appleton was fired then hired back a week later. I find him to be unethical, a very poor CEO, and one who is unworthy of your support.

      Rambus can not be described as an angel either after options backdating and other misdeeds. That said, Rambus had every right and protection under the antitrust laws to let the market determine the viability of its RDRAM product. Through the collusion of the cartel that MU chose to be a part of, Rambus was denied that fundamental right. I think MU is going to have to pay for that. We'll see soon.

      Good luck.

    • The dude obviously has way too much time on his hand. His life seems so occupy with MU/RMBS. Either he's unemployed that enjoys senseless debate or his work must be really slow at MU.

    • I'm long the stock, but this question is for everybody: Do you shorts and longs of RMBS really hate each other this much or are you just fearful of your investment?

      In truth, everyone must admit that we don't know what the decision in this case will be. But hopefully everyone is comfortable enough in their investments not to get caught up in evil-spirited tirades.

      Unless you think you're actually influencing the pps with your hateful posts...

    • Interesting thing about that indecent is when Micron leadership found out what was going on they immediately cooperated with authorities. There was no attempt to hide anything.

      Micron proved their honesty in that case, if they'd done anything wrong in the current AT case they would cooperate completely again.

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