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  • xquestor xquestor Nov 20, 2011 1:28 AM Flag


    Take a real close look at their last financial statement.

    GOODWILL -- Created when a company buys another company for more then it is worth and is carried on the books as GW. RMBS GW is 16.55% of total assets. And GW is 71.58% of cash and cash equivalents.

    So what does that make this company worth?
    A whole lot less then you think!

    And on top of that they bought another company with money that they did not have creating even more GW. Plus they bought back stock from Samsung for a cool $100 Million and the stock has lost considerable value.

    RMBS is headed in the wrong direction.


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    • Any dispute regarding our intellectual property may require us to indemnify certain licensees, the cost of which could severely hamper our business operations and financial condition.

      In any potential dispute involving our patents or other intellectual property, our licensees could also become the target of litigation. While we generally do not indemnify our licensees, some of our license agreements provide limited indemnities, and some require us to provide technical support and information to a licensee that is involved in litigation involving use of our technology. In addition, we may agree to indemnify others in the future. Any of these indemnification and support obligations could result in substantial expenses. In addition to the time and expense required for us to indemnify or supply such support to our licensees, a licensee’s development, marketing and sales of licensed semiconductors, lighting and display, mobile communications and data security technologies could be severely disrupted or shut down as a result of litigation, which in turn could severely hamper our business operations and financial condition as a result of lower or no royalty payments.

      It means that if any of their patents are found to be invalid that they may have to pay back the license fees paid to them.


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