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  • billmoney99 billmoney99 Jun 24, 1999 8:02 AM Flag


    Even bigger news!! RMBS monopoly for the next 100
    years!! GO RMBS!!!

    This from the Intel web

    "NDRAM. Intel and Rambus are expected to come up with a
    faster version of Rambus to be named NDRAM (Next
    generation DRAM), >that will support data transfer speeds
    at up to 1,600MHz."

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    • OF RAMBUS based PCs with a peak speed of 3.2
      gigabytes per second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! using 2!!
      RAMBUS channels. It blows the competition away.
      Competition says: "We will have to compete with Dell by using
      even more RAMBUS channels, plus we are heavily buying
      stock on RAMBUS cause we expect it to reach $1600 in 2
      years due to the very heavy and quick penetration of
      Rambus memory".

      Dell workstations to include

    • See all of you there...

    • I think so but I don't know where. Does anyone reading this post know?

    • rate was approx. 415,000 per week or 83,000 per day. This could still cover all short positions by mid-August.

    • ixelFusion First to Utilize Rambus Technology for
      High Performance Windows NT Graphics Chip

      BusinessWire, Monday, June 21, 1999 at 08:19

      U.K.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 1999--

      -- PixelFusion
      Utilizes Rambus Interface to Offer Unprecedented

      Performance --
      PixelFusion, Ltd., a semiconductor
      start-up founded to revolutionize high-performance
      computing, announced today
      that it will be the first
      company to integrate Rambus(R) technology into a chip
      designed for the Windows NT professional
      market. PixelFusion's FUZION(TM) 150 chip, which will
      ship in Q4 1999, combines the company's innovative

      FUZION architecture with Rambus' memory technology. The
      result is unmatched graphics performance for Windows
      The FUZION 150 chip features four
      Rambus Channels at access speeds of 1.6 gigabyte per
      second per Channel,
      resulting in throughput of 6.4
      GB/second between the chip and local memory. FUZION 150's
      massively parallel architecture
      takes full advantage of
      the four channels, delivering more than
      one-and-a-half teraOPS or three gigaFLOPS of computing

      power. This unprecedented performance is enabled by
      Rambus' high memory access speeds and extremely low
      "PixelFusion's FUZION 150 chip demonstrates the
      benefits of Rambus technology for graphics applications
      increased memory bandwidth and performance," said
      Dave Mooring, vice president and general manager,
      Computing Division at Rambus Inc. "PixelFusion's
      FUZION takes full advantage of the performance scaling
      capability of
      Rambus technology to deliver powerful
      graphics computing solution for Windows NT systems.

      Ray McConnell, Engineering director and co-founder of
      PixelFusion, added, "Our FUZION architecture makes huge

      demands on a memory interface. Rambus is the only memory
      alternative in the market today that could meet our needs
      high-bandwidth I/O. In addition, Intellectual
      Property (IP) licensing is an important part of our
      corporate strategy. Since
      Rambus technology is so
      thoroughly integrated into our FUZION architecture, we are
      able to provide a complete solution for
      in a wide range of markets who require maximum
      PixelFusion will be selling chips and licensing
      silicon IP designs to board and system designers
      worldwide. These
      OEM partners will integrate Rambus DRAM
      (RDRAM(R)) in configurations that support up to 1 gigabyte
      of memory, in
      accordance with the AGP Pro
      specification from Intel. Most major Windows NT workstation
      manufacturers are expected to
      adopt this system
      architecture before the end of 1999.
      According to Matt
      Allard, IHV Program Manager at Intel Workstation Products
      Group, "The integration of
      PixelFusion's FUZION 150
      with Rambus technology leverages the power and
      flexibility of the AGP Pro specification. AGP Pro
      designed for high performance and the PixelFusion-Rambus
      solution delivers just that. This is an exciting
      breakthrough for
      Intel Architecture-based workstations."

    • If AMD warned, who's next? RMBS?

    • Gap down baby!

    • Anybody have an expected / projected split date / price?

    • Tom's hardware is right. integration, tuning,
      maturity all important going forward, like any new
      remember, rambus is the only alternative, poised to go thru
      the new technology cycle of getting better, faster,
      cheaper as time goes by and usage picks up. The dell
      announcement is important because it recognizes this, and
      states it will use two channels on a high end system.
      this is where rmbs will initially show the most
      promise. they also say theu will integrate it into the
      memory subsystem in an efficient manner. third party
      engineering will be important to the performance gains that
      rmbs boxes will have, so having dell do the initial
      work is great.
      forget the BX chipset, it's out.
      Camino will improve over time.

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