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  • stockspy1 stockspy1 Nov 10, 1999 5:54 PM Flag


    Next week option expiring and comdex, RMBS just
    confusing suckers and let some shorties stay on
    board and have fun next week....

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        What's the best guess for the stock price in
        1-2 years?
        Investors fix targets for most stocks
        by estimating future earnings per share and then
        applying a price-to-earnings "multiple", also known as the
        P/E ratio. Companies with the most consistent
        earnings history or strongest growth prospects receive the
        highest P/E multiples. We calculate price targets for the
        current and next fiscal year by applying the stock's
        current multiple to the average professional analyst's
        Valuation using Rambus's current multiple

        Fiscal Year Est Low/High Price Range Avg.
        Est. Price % Change for Average
        $120.70-$192.60 $156.65 73.33%
        9/2001 $952.73-$952.73 $952.73

        Rambus current price: $90.38
        current multiple (P/E): 256.80

        Rambus average
        9/2000 estimate: $0.61
        Rambus low 9/2000 estimate:
        Rambus high 9/2000 estimate: $0.75

        Rambus average 9/2001 estimate: $3.71
        Rambus low
        9/2001 estimate: $3.71
        Rambus high 9/2001 estimate:

        What's the best guess for the
        stock if it were valued like its peers?
        often come to believe that a stock is undervalued or
        overvalued compared to other stocks in its industrial group.
        To calculate an alternate target price for the
        current and next fiscal year based on those beliefs,
        investors can apply the average PE multiple for a company's
        industrial group to the average professional analyst's
        earnings estimate for the company in those periods.

        Valuation using the industry's current multiple (P/E):

        Fiscal Year Est. Price % Change
        9/2000 $160.80
        9/2001 $977.96 982.11%

        Rambus current
        price: $90.38
        Semiconductor - Memory Chips group
        current multiple (P/E): 263.60

        average 9/2000 analyst estimate: $0.61
        Rambus average
        9/2001 analyst estimate: $3.71

        certain is the price estimate?
        Investors estimate the
        level of unanimity about a stock's prospects among
        analysts by calculating the range between the most
        optimistic and most pessimistic estimates.

        Average number of analysts covering Rambus: 3
        analysts' high/low spread: 30%
        Rambus analysts'
        confidence: low

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