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  • gukaso2000 gukaso2000 Aug 18, 2000 1:10 AM Flag

    El Diablo: Do you think MU will risk

    you are not debating you dumbass, you didnt even
    give me an answer, you know why? because you have no
    answer, you know that rmbs knows what it is doing, you
    are trying to put yourself in rmbs shoes and say what
    you would do if you were rmbs, well appartently you
    are not on the board of directors, just because you
    think rmbs not going after mu first means that rmbs
    cases are not airtight doesnt mean you are right, just
    means you are thinking too much, hey remember, you are
    not a research analyst, come on wake up, get that
    fantasy out of your head, so your opinions dont matter to
    rmbs nor to the people on this message board, because
    all i can see is people telling you to stop
    bullshiting, so hmm? yes you are in america, but i guess you
    are an exception. feel special? still a dumbass (el

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