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  • The stock is so cheap it is still tempting to get back in, though. Every company has some weak aspects. This company's main weakness appears to be the greed of its mgt. If it weren't for the skeletons in the closet (or in this case, out in the open), you probably would never find bargain priced stocks.

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    • Only one thing is sure: No matter how much money they lose and how terrible their corporate governance, there will always be pigeons willing to buy their stock.

    • I think you should have a significant investment in LTXC at the current price. The company is at the initial stages of an upcycle in the the semi-test market where peak EPS could be around $2. I think at some time during the cycle the stock could trade at 10x EPS or $20 in a reasonable best case 12 month scenario. Your downside is also limited becasue the company has net cash of around $3 per share, and is a prime aquisition target. Do your own work but I own a meaningful position. Good Luck