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  • brainard brainard Jan 30, 2004 1:30 PM Flag

    Market acting smart!

    It is so nice to see the market acting smart! Looking through the near term and focusing on the long term.

    This is the best, truest, INVESTMENT stock I'm current following. No fast return expected in 2004, but a growing good case for very nice returns in 2005-2006! Accumulate shares all during 2004 is the name of the game for investing in Astronics. Go into 2005 with an overweight position.

    Investing is about paying a good price for a great company that will grow over time. Three years from now you will be very happy with the investment made in this company.

    You go Astronics, just keep doing what you do best!


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    • ROFL.

    • you are blathering

      • 2 Replies to Eggplant101
      • No, this (from 2/3/03) is bathering:

        I have some sad news for y'all: your beloved ATRO was a flash in the pan. A few years of good growth from a one shot DOD windfall plus great packaging results from several years of a too strong economy had y'all believing that you were a bunch of stock picking geniuses. Now reality sets in: the aerospace business is in a multi-year secular decline, and packaging--who the heck knows, but clearly the economy is in the crapper, and the wind won't blow differently for ModPac. Sure, mgt was reasonably good (y'all were eager to excuse the nepotism question), but to paraphrase Warren Buffett: better to have a good business with bad mgt than a bad business with good mgt, because you can always change the mgt.
        Reality: ATRO stock is ridiculously overvalued at $6. Y'all are just praying for deliverance from the next DoD windfall--the JSF project. But in 2008!!! You're nuts. JSF is an absurd waste of taxpayer money and the nation doesn't need it. There are no enemies with technology and armed forces that can not be easily defeated by existing combat aircraft. The 2003 budget deficit will be $307 billion. Even the Republicans won't allow $100 billion--or whatever the # is--to be flushed away on such a collosal waste of money. ATRO will be $4 in a year.

      • Once a year I get egged by the egg man! Just like clock work.

        Hey Egg Man, what words of wisdom do you have for the Astronic longs, or can you only toss eggs?


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