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  • Dick_P45 Dick_P45 Jun 8, 2000 10:26 PM Flag

    Guess no one here

    was real impressed with todays news either. Sad!! I can remember when this news would have generated some excitement. Guess the passion is gone. G'night.

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    • I bought in the Spring of 1997 at 6 5/8. Got a 10
      percent stock dividend in Oct., 1998, to lower my cost to
      $6 even. Bid now is about $9 1/4. I think that is 50
      percent. I haven't done any trading since my original
      purchase, although in hindsight, I probably should have. I
      could have gotten out a couple of times (more) at 100
      percent profit, and then gotten back in at a lower price.
      Hindsight is almost always perfect.

      I basically
      agree with your comments. Management does not seem to
      be sensitive to shareholder concerns, although one
      could argue that the best way to take care of
      shareholders is to grow the company, profitably. They have
      certainly done that. I think that you are also right that a
      lot of current shareholders are sitting on losing
      positions right now. I don't know what its going to take to
      get things moving, but Management hasn't found it
      yet. I would have expected a price in the $15 - $18
      range, at the minimum, now, but it seems no one is

    • --"play games" with the numbers. But that doesn't
      exclude putting out some occasional news/PR. As somebody
      said; they "say nothing so they can't be sued". That is
      not the attitude that encourages new investment. The
      problem has never been with their numbers, but rather
      with their lack of guidance & general overall secrecy

    • ---years ago? It was $6 until mid-'97, but has
      done nothing net since Oct-'97. Note that it was $12
      in 1998 and again in 1999; both when volumes were a
      little higher. I do think that most of the current
      holders probably have bought at least "some" of their
      ATRO above $10, if not at an average > $10. Agree??

    • You must have made some good trades. All you need
      to do is review Yahoo's 2-yr and 5-yr charts to
      confirm that "it hasn't gone anywhere" in the last 3
      years. I don't disagree with your comment disagreeing
      with a "buyback". It is illiquid enough. All I
      disagree with is anyone's comments that this management
      team has any concern about the stockholders' interest.
      They are focused on running the company, with no real
      interest in PR or in Wall Street's view. Obviously, there
      will never be any real institutional interest in a
      stock this illiquid.

    • The stock has been flat for the past two-three
      years, but I really don't care, although it would have
      been nice to be up at least a little. If the market is
      short sighted or focused on getting rich quick, that is
      not our company's problem. As I have said before,
      "You can lead a horse to water but you can not make
      him drink". As long as the fundamentals remain
      strong, for me this is the important

      Liquidity in small cap stocks really stinks right now and
      there is nothing all the bitching in the world can do
      about it. I am actually happy ATRO is not putting up
      great numbers now because the market would just be
      ignoring them.

      What drive me crazy is that three
      years ago all we had was a nicely growing company with
      a slowly improving stock price. Then great
      fundamental news just kept hitting the company. The F-16
      contract looked like the golden goose. Then Specialty
      Packaging landed the big one too. The fundamentals were
      saying "load the boat".

      Here we are still sitting
      and waiting. Meanwhile our financial numbers are not
      headed in the right direction, part of our business
      seems to have fallen off the table and we cann't get
      good guidance as to what is really happening.

      am sure this is not "The Perfect Storm" and sooner
      or later (mostly later) both reported results and
      the stock price will improve. But those who think
      that management can boost the stock price by playing
      games just don't understand how the game is



    • I'm not trying to be smug, and I agree that
      something needs to be done to invigorate this stock. I just
      don't agree that a stock buy back is the right thing.
      If there were 40 million shares in the float, I
      might agree; but with only 4 million, a buy back would
      almost be tatamount to taking the company private.
      Liquidity would definitely decrease evn further.

      do not agree that the stock has been dead for three
      years. I've owned it that long, and I am up over 50
      percent. Not great, I agree, but it beats the market's
      historical average of about 11 percent per year. If you want
      50 percent per month, you should be elsewhere.

    • Fido ownes quite a bit.Dimension does too.As per Yahoo. I think you will see a stock Div. in fall.

    • Dat's a yoke!! We knew 2 years ago that it
      doesn't move with a Nasdaq push to new highs. And any
      attempt to correlate with the DOW or S&P 500 would
      certainly be absurd. This year we got a reminder that it
      doesn't even move up with the Russell 2000. I think you
      write off "the Bear's" suggestion too lightly. No stock
      dividend by ATRO is going to make any difference in the
      fact that the stock is grossly illiquid, and thus of
      zero interest to any institution. The stock has also
      done Zero over the last three years. Don't be so smug;
      it has been Dead Money for years, and that is NOT
      acceptable to most investors. "How ATRO Mgmt sees it" is
      exactly what The Bear is complaining about.

    • Sorry but the bear is nuts!

      Great idea to
      increase shareholder value: split the stock two or three
      for one. That would be real smart, give us a $3 or $4

      Management is pumping cash into growing the company. When
      these investments start to pay off (if we are not all
      dead) the increase in earnings should drive the stock
      price up. Once we get over the cost hump on the F-16
      contract cash flow should be pretty strong. Maybe then the
      company could do a small buyback.

      Until then, I
      too vote for another 10% stock dividend. I am looking
      at such a move as a definitive statement from
      management that things should be getting better in the
      future. The lack of a dividend at year end 1999 and the
      subsequent issues we are seeing now speak


    • Sorry, but I still think that your proposal makes
      absolutely no sense for this stock and I am reasonably
      confident that ATRO Management sees it the same way. I'm
      hoping for another 10 to 20 percent stock dividend later
      this year, both for the shares and to get more shares
      out on the market.

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