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  • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise Jan 30, 2009 10:17 PM Flag

    Great Wolf SUCKS (most recent trip)

    We have had quite a few good trips to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA, but this past weekend was AWFUL. I can't BELIEVE how fast the service has completely fallen apart there. I really hope this was an isolated incident, but if it is representative of the current state of the company - they are in DEEP TROUBLE.

    I certainly don't need to pay $400/night to deal with rude and incompetent people and bad service.

    I can chalk this REALLY REALLY bad experience up to an off weekend, but that has never happened like that before. Over 2.5 hours in line to check in, no towels at the waterpark, unauthorized charges billed to my room, the list goes on. I feel like I got "taken".

    It is the "carnival" gone to the waterpark apparently.

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    • I dont think its terrible...but did have an incident at the great wolf on our christmas trip. We stayed the 23-25 Dec. at the Grapevine resort. It was the evening of the 23rd we had come from dinner and were in our room changing. We hear the door unlock and the cleaning person let in a guest who claimed it was there room. I was standing there with nothing on and the couple starts to walk in. They go back out close the door and stand there till we get dressed and still claim its there room but their writs bands dont work. I asked who let them in and they tell me the cleaning lady. We go down to the front desk which finds they made a room assignment mistake and gave the people the right room. I tell the girl that the cleaning lady should not be letting people into rooms that the wrist bands dont work. She calls over the manager i tell her the story and she preceedes to tell me that their workers would not let anyone in a room like that and i must have not closed the door all they way....she totally disregards the people who said that the cleaning lady had unlocked the door, plus my statment of hearing the door being unlocked and turns it around and BLAMES ME!!!! some customer service......

    • I would hope you will write an email to Corporate WOLF expressing your concerns.
      I would think it would be better for them and for you than just posting here.
      Tell us what they say.

    • Exaggerate much?

      If you spent $400/night on a room and 2.5 hours are check-in, then you are a Grade A moron.

      We recently stayed at 2 different Wolf locations in the Loft suite at both, and only paid $150/night on Friday and Saturday nights.

      Your post is complete BS. And I own no shares.