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  • archman8201 archman8201 Aug 22, 2008 12:46 PM Flag

    After 10 years- pretty wild, huh?


    Just think, the S & P 500 is almost exactly where it was 10 years ago.
    (ok, much worse if you figure in inflation, but why do that? Most of the clueless white trash americans that make up 90% of our country cannot count past 10 anyway)

    With all the "experts, market mavens (CNBC's words), Fast Money, Mad Money, analysis, hype, bullish this, and booyah that, the majority of americans have made nothing in the markets in the past 10 years. We know this because most americans use an S & P 500 fund as the basis for their investments. We also know that since 95% of active managers do not beat the S & P 500, they are actually much worse.

    Isnt it amazing how the financial media goes to great lengths to sensationalize every little tidbit in the hopes of getting inside a persons head, coercing them to make snap decisions based on what it perceived to be important news? When in actuality, the market has done nothing for a decade.

    What is going to be even more intersting, is when the 20 year period rolls around and again the market will be no higher than it was in 1998 or 2000, we are still going to be surrounded by the same hype, useless analysis, some form of Mad or Fast Money, as a way to keep people confused and in the market.

    You have to wonder at what point the average american wakes up and says:
    "Hmm, you know, my money isnt really growing at all, yet we are told every day about all this "action" and "reaction" by all the experts on TV, why is that?

    Or maybe they wont. The progress that the govt has made at dumbing down americans and convincing them the inportance of useless media & other items, is astounding and likely to continue.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Right, Archman is apparently wealthy, owns only 1 US stock (not GS by the way) and yet all he does all day is sit on this board and spew negative crap about Market, America, stupid people who are sheep, blah blah blah....I challenged him on it a month ago and he told me that he hopes I get cancer and die...he is a super azzhole.

    • ips1900 Aug 22, 2008 3:35 PM Flag

      I think we both know who the loser is. Mr. nothing to do in life other than post on a message board all day, every day.

    • Hey Archman, you finally got a 1 person fan bad he's a nazi!!

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      • I still think that this is the greatest country on earth. We, as individuals have the ability to become anything that we want. Immigrants move here and are some of the biggest contributors to the wealth of this nation and do it with pride to become an American.

        Those that complain are not good for anything but that. If you want to turn this country around, stand up and work toward that goal. We have Olypians proud to carry the torch for the USA. They are black, white, red and blue(haired).

        You want to do something for this country then you need to do it. Don't just complain about it. You see something wrong, fix it. Or are you just a complainer.

        Stand up and be proud to take back from the cheaters and looters that are stealing this countries foundation.

    • archman you are right,i was thinking about the same thing,jews are running the market and there are too many sheep that they can contrl,a sheep follows and when the time comes for the butcher then extends his neck ,stock markets every where else has moved a great deal but the US market, idiots like fred who madea smart remark on your post are like those sheep ,they know that they can take American's for a ride and they do it.

    • maybe you should just go to another country?

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