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  • fredinpenn fredinpenn Aug 22, 2008 1:15 PM Flag

    After 10 years- pretty wild, huh?

    I still think that this is the greatest country on earth. We, as individuals have the ability to become anything that we want. Immigrants move here and are some of the biggest contributors to the wealth of this nation and do it with pride to become an American.

    Those that complain are not good for anything but that. If you want to turn this country around, stand up and work toward that goal. We have Olypians proud to carry the torch for the USA. They are black, white, red and blue(haired).

    You want to do something for this country then you need to do it. Don't just complain about it. You see something wrong, fix it. Or are you just a complainer.

    Stand up and be proud to take back from the cheaters and looters that are stealing this countries foundation.

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    • the ignorant masses like you who believe all the multi-cultural bs and gov't propaganda can't understand that our own gov't is destroying us because they have abandoned the checks and balances that the founding fathers built into the system of a democratic republic. Power has consumed the occupants of gov't and the courts so that they are the root of the problems rather than a regulator of a free society. We are prohibited from free speech, freedom of religion, and others that you and the other uneducated are blind to. Wake up. Archman doesn't have the problem it's those like you and the idiot todd on this thread who will suffer.

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