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  • mrcmeguy mrcmeguy Oct 24, 2008 7:10 AM Flag

    We are watching history boys and girls..

    curious but what stops any of you from using puts ?? either to protect your long position or just alone to bet on the down side. you can make tons going up or down?? so just go short or buy puts

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    • when the dollar is worthless you will realize that puts, calls, shorts, longs--everyone will have nothing. it is over. the game is over.

      gold and silver and land and food and water may be "worthless" but they will keep you alive. dollars are debt and backed by nothing. they truly will be worthless. we will be a 3rd world country. everyone else will need new measures...

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      • Only when all sides come together against corruption will this get any better. Partisan crap that is spewed everday via both sides of the media, in congress, the white house, on message boards, and in person, just allows the powerful to keep us distracted. Like giving a puppy a bone. It is a game. Has always been one and will always be one.

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