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  • husseinblue40 husseinblue40 Oct 26, 2008 2:31 AM Flag


    The thing you always hear about our Great Depression = people were actually afraid of starving, they were going hungry etc.
    it is so obvious that there is one single very simple factor which
    causes everything. Farming. It is farming that tells you everything very very simply.

    If farming is ok, so is everything else, if it isnt, so is nothing else isnt ok.

    this is all you ever need to know - see eg Mayans, Easter Island whatever

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    • Part of the starvation equation though, is that its more of an economic problem, than a lack of food. During the Great Depression, there was plenty of food around, but it couldn't be distributed because it cost more to ship it to market, than the stuff could be sold for. My family was potato farmers in Idaho in the 1930s, and they sold the farm and left after having to dump all their product at the rail stations because it had so little value. Interestingly, it worked out for me since they moved to Santa Barbara, and got into Real Estate. Many $$$ later, it was a good decision.

    • well... with the biofuels geniuses we nearly converted all our farm land from human food crops to machine fuel crops. people would again be starving to death around the world !!!

      that's why the united nations called biofuels a "crime against humanity"

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