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  • hold_the_fries hold_the_fries Nov 22, 2008 7:39 PM Flag

    What if they did all of this on purpose


    With the government now taking over the banks, big brother will now know everything there is to know about the average Amerikaner.

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    • and yet a lot of people are heading for a very cold winter.
      nevermind thanks giving or x-mas

    • Any one who got very rich in the last few years as a result
      of trading in:
      - oil (oil producing countries,oil companies and thiere ceo)
      - subprimes(fannie mae,freddie mac,gov't officials and ceo)
      - credit default swap,cds (bear stearns,lehman,aig,merrill
      lynch,goldman sachs and all the investment and the
      financial institutions involved and thiere ceo)
      and who knowingly made fraudulent transactions in the above,
      should be brought to justice and pay the unemployed & the poor all the money they sucked out of them.
      they should be stripped naked and put in prisons.
      and clean our society from these criminals.
      yes it is done to make mmmmmooooooonnnnnneeeeeeyyyyyyyy/

    • Hey, the writing is on the wall that we are headed toward third-worldism anyway. Wonder why we have not heard from Bush and Chenney? They are too busy loading up the truck with your money on the way out.
      Happens with the fall of any empire, 10% walk away with 90% of the booty.

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