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  • tgloesq tgloesq Mar 5, 2009 9:32 AM Flag


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    • Good post tg

    • Yeah, saw that, it was great, CNBC should be shut down, I can imagine how much money they've made normal people lose, nothing but a hoax. Pumping the market with every great little horse sh!T news like it's a bull market again, get a life idiots.

    • And all the CEO's telling people that all is well with their company's(LEH, MER, AIG, BSC etc)...when days and months later they collapsed...was this not misleading investors / criminal SarBox violations? It's all right there on the tape.

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      • GS also said Enron was the "best of the best" while it was crashing

        GOLDMAN SACHS, October 9, 2001 -

        Recommended List Large-Cap Growth
        Price:US$33.45 Target price: US$48 S&P 500: 1051
        United States Enron Corp. (ENE)

        Gas & Power Convergence

        Still the best of the best. With perceptions far below reality, we see major catalysts in third-quarter results and increased
        disclosure in coming months. We strongly reiterate our Recommended List rating and our conviction in high and sustained growth prospects, even though we have cut 2002 EPS to $2.15 and our price target to $48. We expect Enron shares to recover dramatically in the coming months. We view the current period as an extremely rare opportunity to purchase the shares of a company that remains extremely well positioned to grow at a substantial rate and earn strong returns in the still-very-young and evolving energy convergence space.

        We strongly reiterate our Recommended List rating on Enron stock. We spoke recently with top management including the CEO, CFO, chief accounting officer, and the head of wholesale services.

        We challenged top management on the wide range of investor concerns that have weighed heavily on the shares and believe that the majority of market speculation is groundless, and that which has some truth to it, to be exaggerated.

        Misconceptions abound and perceptions are far below reality, in our view We believe that investors have virtually given up on Enron (down 60% year to date) and its prospects based on the long list of extremely negative stories about the company and its financial condition.

        The company's limited transparency on its sources of earnings, its cash flow, and financials in general has hurt investor perceptions as management has declined to be more specific in refuting outrageous claims that have assumed a life of their own.

        We believe Enron's fundamentals are still strong despite the weak economy. We view Enron as one of the best companies in the economy, let alone among the companies in our energy convergence space. We are confident in the company's ability to grow earnings more than 20% annually for the next five years, despite its already large base.

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