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  • fook.yunow fook.yunow Mar 17, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    We own 80% of AIG and can't set guidelines!



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    • The upper eschelon doesn't want to Fix (regulate anything) They are merely pillaging everything that's not bolted down.

      Both parties are on the take.

      This whole mess started by removing regulations ( during the Clinton administration) Then Bush & his cronies ignored them (while their "rich" buddies raked in $) Now, the same people who took out the regulations are back.

      If anybody in Washington had one shred of decency (morals, ethics) They would regulate their "rich" buddies, who are lining their pockets through lobbyists kickbacks.

      The Glass - Stegal Act was put in place in 1933 & was removed in 1999. No regulations allow commercial banks to become "wallstreet" investment banks.

      In 1995 the CRA loose loans laws were enacted. Either party wants to address the " real " issues. Their greed is nothing short of treason.


      If you want retail investors to get back into your corrupt markets, I suggest firing the SEC. Enforce the reg - sho proposals. Nobody knows how many outstanding shares are in stocks anymore. There's too much naked shorting & fail to delivers.

      Aig, freddy,fanny & the auto mfg's have the most lobbyist $ lining Washington's pockets. No wonder they are getting Billions. All of the money keeps circulating at the top.

      Our founding fathers didn't have muli-billion $ corps lining their pockets. We also need campaign reform. Take corp $ out of our politics. Make them vote like the rest of us.

      America has been taken over by a 2 party dictatorship, comprised of the top 2-4% of the richest people in America.

      Paul M

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