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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Jul 10, 2009 9:21 AM Flag

    Facts why this market closes soon and will not reopen

    Now last but not least I want you to think about 3 more things, they are facts also but the pukes will just call them possibilities. That the Illuminati or New World Order or Freemasons or International banking elitists such as the Rockefellers, Rothchilds,Queen of England, Great Britian who tells us what to do and we do it instead of leveling them like a parking lot so we can be free like we were when we won the war and purposely setup the United States to get away from being under the British commands and Empire. Bush got us right back under their command and made us their bitch again. Do you think things just happen the way they do, hell no the Bilderberg group. They blew out the economy and caused the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor as well as the old peoples retirement to the already rich. But word is they are scared now and worried if they can stop a complete global meltdown, others say that was the idea to get a new global currency started, one they can manipulate more easily and stay under the radar so that if global backlash reaches an uproar as more retards around the entire world realize the Federal Reserve is not federal but just a criminal cabal. I have studies all these facts from what economists and professors have said. I am not an Obama lover. The 2 party system, is a front that the elite put their candidate on both sides, they coudn't care less which side wins because both are puppets that will do what they say. To make them look opposite instead of the same, McCaine would be another Oil sellout and just like Bush, Obama would be for Alternative energy, healthcare and back to how the tax rate never should have changed from how Clinton had it.When you upset the balance and then the greedy politicians get greedier then they ever have because Bush and Cheney no bid contract scams were the example. Removal of the uptick rule allowed Goldman Sachs to naked short the whole market thus stealing everyones retirement and savings. Dylan Ratigan wanted to talk about and CNBC said" where? Not on this network! The SEC is in on it and connected with Paulson, Bernanke, Greenspan and all the other thieves! Most of you do not get only a matter of time till the market closes and does not reopen. The dollar crashes and a new fiat currency is made!

    Palm is the only stock that has to go way up within days because it is a takover target at over 60 a share when it only trades around 15. They can't naked short it and keep it down because it will be too obvious. As obvious and force protection naked shorting, read up on that one. They can and will naked short the solars because the chinese have big money and their hedge funds, government funds and retail stock buyers do not understand a day will come soon when all those buying and selling programs will all sell 1 day very soon. Why? Because the market may be up 40% from the March lows or a little lower but the liquidity is only 10-15% what it was before the whole naked shorting crash scam played out, most of those failure to delivers and phantom shares sold by discount brokerages and the big brokerages remain. Just imagine all these discount brokerages naked shorting without actually borrowing the stock. This is why when a stock is listed on an exchange a long time it seems to never go up or even more common go down. Have you ever noticed when they pop one or explode, it is always in that first year 90% of the time! That is because they want to run it up before a bunch of FTD's are in the system. And about 60-90 days after that big run, Goldman has short it and now wants to run it down, because stocks go down a lot easier then they go up and everyone is like Goldmans bitc$, afraid to challenge them when they run this rigged game. The markets would have to double to get the shorts to actually change the mentality that they will do much better as a trader who shorts 95% of the time. Please try to prove I am wrong??

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