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  • hamcesnia Oct 16, 2009 7:55 PM Flag


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    • bump...

    • Guys, ver strange thing is happening, Yahoo has been blocking or deleting messages and feedback provided about this video on different message boards.They have been removing links or comments about it posted by other people not sure why. Please YAHOO, DON"T STOP THE FREEDOM OF OPINION and VOICE OF TRUTH. Dylan Ratigan is an American HERO to MILLIONS of US now, don't lose our SUPPORT and allow us to spread the WORD of TRUTH so one day the Gov't will hear us and ACT.

      Thanks a lot in Advance..

      Keep this Video a live and encourage others to speak up LOUD and CLEAR.

    • Keep it on top!

    • bunpity bump!

    • A great news. Everyone should see.
      That is how $16.7B IN BONUS a tax payer money can be disributed to GS employees.

      A crimonal investigation should be demended against GS, JPM and the feds employees who were part of the theft of Tax Payer money and wealth.

    • now now now

      George W. Bush has made sure that the United States in so far into financial debt to China because of his resource wasting war in Iraq, that it's going to take the next 4 Presidential terms regardless to who that President happens to be to sort out. Therefore, the United States won't be doing a damn thing to China but kissing it's ass for many, many years to come!

      Obama is owned by the same people that owned Bush. We are now living under an oligarchy. It is time to end the Federal Reserve, and restore this nation to the Republic that it

      Gaza War Crimes and Puppet Obama's Stimulus Scam HTS 011009 PT.5 of 5


      L.Summers cost Harvard 500 million on
      bravo Larry...You were warned repeatedly by that young lady, who used to work at Enron, about the danger of swaps...what did Larry and that ladies boss do to her-they fired her...But hey, those two clowns now work at the White and corruption surround everyone in this administration....Harvard is the epicenter of corruption...and Obama is a Harvard Lawyer and has surrounded himself with nothing but Harvard friends....that should make the country petrified...oh yah,, way to go SEC, hiring a 29 year old goldman scum to keep and eye on the Goldman can't make this stuff up.


      Our Commander in Chief is KAPTUR not OBAMA(CHIAGO MOB SHILL)

      Search this youtube video folks now and watch.Make it Viral please now:

      SEARCH THIS: Kaptur calls Pelosi, Paulson CRIMINALS!!!

      Revolution unleashed , join in with revolt action Fellow Americans:

      Cash Every Check, carry cash, pay with cash, strangle the Banker Crooks: Our own Bail out has begun.

      Best Advice For All True Americans!!!

      Stop paying ALL credit cards and stop using ALL ATM cards. Every time you swipe an ATM card the banks get a fee. Pay everything in cash, invest in real tangible private assets like gold send silver, and UNPLUG from the f*cking matrix!!!!!

      ((( The trends in gold, crude oil and yields on the 10 year Treasury, is moving into the extreme inflation zone, and this should be a headwind for equities. )))

      Tax revolt a recipe for tea parties -
      What started out as a handful of people blogging about their anger over federal spending has grown into scores of so-called tea parties across the country.

    • Hopefully CNN and Fox will catch on soon.

    • doom is near
      Russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with China

      RIA Novosti
      October 17, 2009

      Russia is ready to consider using the Russian and Chinese national currencies instead of the dollar in bilateral oil and gas dealings, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

      The premier, currently on a visit to Beijing, said a final decision on the issue can only be made after a thorough expert analysis.

      * A d v e r t i s e m e n t
      * world news Russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with China

      “Yesterday, energy companies, in particular Gazprom, raised the question of using the national currency. We are ready to examine the possibility of selling energy resources for rubles, but our Chinese partners need rubles for that. We are also ready to sell for yuans,” Putin said.

      He stressed that “there should be a balance here.”

      On Tuesday, Russia and China agreed terms for Russian gas deliveries at a level of up to 70 billion cubic meters a year. China also imports oil from Russia.

      The Russian prime minister said the issue would be addressed among others at a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) finance ministers, who are to convene before the end of the year in Kazakhstan.

      Britain’s Independent newspaper reported last Tuesday that Russian officials had held “secret meetings” with Arab states, China and France on ending the use of the U.S. dollar in international oil trade.

      The countries are reportedly seeking to switch from the dollar to a basket of currencies including the euro, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, gold, and a new unified currency of leading Arab oil producing countries.

      The Independent said the meetings have been confirmed by Chinese and Arab banking sources.

    • thanks. Maybe GE, JPM & the rest of the Fed's owners next?

    • Please post the video on your facebook accounts people.... Spread the word! GS must go!!!!

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