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  • silverazor99 silverazor99 May 13, 2010 2:27 AM Flag


    ...........penalty box for savers,,,,,,i am angery beyond the english' languages ability to convey it!!!!!!!ALL BAILOUTS ARE EXTRAPILATIONS OF ADDITIONAL TAXES TO FUND EM!!!!!!!!!!!WORK N GIVE IT ALL TO THEM @end game.......

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    • Taxes (at the Federal Level) are much too low. 45% of Americans no longer even pay income tax. The rich have received astonishing breaks in their tax rates from Bush and Reagan. Most really wealthy people pay a 15% rate on their unearned income from dividends and capital gains. These ridiculously low rates are why the government is running such enormous deficits. That, and the fact, that the United States is in an almost perpetual state of war.

    • You're not very articulate are you? Why should you bot pay your taxes?
      Are you rich? Then I have no sympathy. Poor working people always get screwed. Does not describe you?
      Grunts and growns show a low education level. I am sympathetic. You probably make only a small amount.
      But we could tell nothing from your words. Go to a community college and learn to express yourself in English.

    • Taxes are like death, inevitable, the best one can do is get more bang for the buck. Our current extortion/bribery system for public officials and industry leads to misallocation of resources.

    • The cost of the Iraq war: 993 Billion so far. +- a few bucks what do you call that? Thats a serious tax on our whole system. Maybe not income tax but we will pay for in one way or another. Be it taxation or inflation. They are one and the same only the later hurts the poor more because inflation does not discriminate based on income There is no getting around paying it without going bankrupt. I am just saying, lets take these things in the order they happened. Why suddenly get pissed now when it's been going on for so long?

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