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  • mmpsolutionsinc mmpsolutionsinc Aug 24, 2011 3:06 PM Flag

    hey shorts - where are you?

    Hi again to all the shorts I talked to yesterday _ i forget your usernames,

    Why is it that you guys come out all ballsy on down days and make huge so-called trades (i..e invested 100K shorting at 106 - which I doubt you are doing if you have that much cash to make a single play), and then disappear on up days. Then when you creep back out you say how you so cleverly closed the position the same day. I recall yesterday you were shorting the SPY overnight - so what happened you closed this morning, or are just lying.

    The point I make is that it would be a lot more convincing if a short emerged when GS is at 150 or 175 at its market top and say you are shorting, then after a 50% move down when the downside is limited. Like i said, I think that over time being in on GS when it was down in the dumps yesterday will prove to be smart. Hiring of attorneys has nothing to do with the business and you can't value a company or make trades based on these trivial matters.

    Wherever you guys, I hope you are covering (although I would prefer you continue to short so I can have an upside boost to my position). I don't personally trade frequently just buy when things appear ridiculous last yesterday when GS was so down on bs news.

    Sooner or later Blankfein and some of the management will be taken out and this will further boost GS.

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