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  • wallalleypigg wallalleypigg Nov 17, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    7th Edition



    The Wall Alley PIGG & NYC is a World GERM that must be cleansed.
    This is the 7th issue of the Wall Alley PIGG that will continue till the PIGGS ARE DEAD.
    No fictitious stories to drop the markets today, so the criminal non-transparent illegal shorting PIGGS do their deeds upon the world and electronically generate the shares while the SEC takes the DUST up their NOSE and LOOK AWAY.
    FBI – Use your weapons and give the world NYC PIGGS meat for dinner.
    NYC NYSE & Financial PIGGS smile for Satan.
    Satan LUVS U and blesses U and your PIGG children that are Satan’s.
    Yes. Satan accepts the children of the PIGGS for they 2 will follow.
    Do U like Russia and China the way the way the PIGGS illegally short your equities and laugh in your face?
    Who has the last laugh?

    This topic is deleted.
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