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  • taratara144 taratara144 Sep 14, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    Will Iran use the nuke? Irrelevant

    U miss the point
    1. Chance of nuke falling into other terrorists
    Hands who would use it
    2. Nuclear blackmail
    3. Nuke arms race
    4. Higher oil prices
    5. Nuclear accident
    6. US troops in harms way

    Killing 300 or 3 million means nothing to these ppl
    When the mad mullahs fall from power they
    May do something drastic

    Rest assured Israel would destroy the major
    population centers of Iran if attacked

    Israel just not going to take a chance
    If a guy everyday said he is going to kill u
    Then gets a loaded gun and is pointing
    It at u what would u do?

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