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  • weirdstock weirdstock Oct 28, 2012 4:35 PM Flag

    Outsource every possible job to China is still a trend in the next many years


    Chinese built Great wall 2300 years ago. untill today, it is still the biggest human being's engineering project.

    that's why china is the world factory today, and funture 500 company race to setup factory in china.

    the candates talked about stop this trend is just got votes, nobody seriously think about this.

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    • from everything I have read it is much more than wages, it has to do with availability of technical people in large numbers quickly, low regulations, low taxes which make it about 40% cheaper to get it done and get it done quickly. Outsourcing will pick up steam with an Obama victory as more and more companies try to not pay Obamacare and the number of parttime positions instead of full time to avoid Obamacare. It is amazing to me the number of Democrat companies that are already going to part time help and laying off full time.

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      • The Robchilds and their sycophantic inbred cousins have planned this for over a hundred years, they know the scam of fiat money always ends in complete ruin for the nation that allows it- they are moving their scam to a fresh nation- their insatiable greed and evil know no limit- must be the quid pro quo they have with Satan- destroy the Catholic nations with a fog of fraud. Hell awaits for them and for us literally and figuratively.

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