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  • anellmustard anellmustard Dec 21, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    A Christamas Dinner


    A Christmas Dinner Sponsored by:
    The Reverend JAA Friendship and Gospel Chapel
    Invitees: United States EVIL MAN rEd pLague Jackals Guest appearance – Secretary of Inferior Salamanderzaar.
    Thank U all invitees starting with sAtan, sez the Reverend. NRA Ernie, Tester, Simpson, Riche, Representatives from the wolve mUrderiNg Axis of EVIL states; Wyoming, Potato hEad & Montana and Alaskan Medusa MerCoWskee. Members from the dissolved SEC, GS BlankensUk Dix and NYC Financial La Cosa Nose dUsters and Traders Miguel Parnez and Gymmy Kramir R here. We boW wOw 2 Japanese eMperor hershey-mo-camphor.
    reMember 2 alweasels pick Up yoUr noUrishMent with yoUr little pitch forks and bring it back to your troughs. We have pans here 4 your drooling. U can order off the menu ore take the buffet.
    • tEster and the rest of OUR wolve mUrderers lean over and nURse on The eAR lObe of Salamanderzaar 2 get US signatures 2 MurDEr wolves & their PuPs. sez salamanderzaar; Oh, I think that’s OK mr. maggot tester (no one will care) so I’ll just sign off on that aNd take your piggy dAughtEr 4 a RIDE on the anell trident. Yer wife is 2 damn UGLEE.
    • The special 2day is wolf pup dipped in a heavy crude from the US Gulf. In the buffet we have Medusa meRcOwskee bEluga whale seafood chunks sauteed in A MeRCoWSKEE PANTiES CroTch Pot, WiTh crude and corexit that gives only her unique SpEciAL fIsHy TaSTe.
    • nRa Ernie shows everyone many ways 2 tUrn each other ON at hoMe with A gUN 4 some family entertainment and a whole lot a fun.
    • Gymmy Kramir and Miguel say pass over that nRa animal & children cracker cheese platter, anD the SEC replies; sorry we r running short on those, but like always, we’ll fill your order. Here R some barbEcuE baby harp seal bisKITS and nOse dUst fresh outta MehIco and cOlumbiA.
    • the rEverend deliVErs cOMpenSatIOn meals – here is your cold cHillEd daarck deep sea nautilus japaNese emperor hershey-mo-camphor and 4 NYC & GS BlankensUk Dix, A sPecial cHarCoal gRillEd yamika laced with GE, low viscosity, flamINg NYC hUdSon rIVer mUcUs.
    Such a great Holiday sez sAtan aNd b sure 2 pollute the C’s and airz with poisonous noise and toxicants bcause there iz NOTHING worth saving except mY blOOd and oIL. KILL eVErything that fliEs in the aIr, mOvEs on LanD or in our C’s.
    wHat U digest at this meal 2day
    Iz NOT ONLY your own
    buT aMEricaHs 2.
    On your weigh out u can pick up a DVD of this event aNd your free anell trident with advanced pogo springs and handle barz 4 every1 2 bounce HIGH on all day and night 4 their joYous pleasures. Also, grab yerself some highly advanced anell mustard refills 4 that extra bounce.
    Merry Christmas


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