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  • premiumlady Jan 12, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    i dont believe the newtown shooting happened

    too many unananswered questions and odd behaviour , sorry ...try harder next time corrupt media !

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    • You're an idiot and should be lobotomized and sterilized while other idiots watch as a warning of things to come.

    • One thing is for sure, the govt. wants our guns taken away. Why? An impending default on our national debt? Mass chaos............

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      • they already took 40% of the value of our savings through inflation, now they want the rest through devalualtion- they know people will ask- WHO DID THIS? The thieves have a long history of doing this and they know the results- ask Argentina. When people have nothing to eat and nothing to survive they will come gunning for the perpetrators that's why the central powers are building gulags all over the United States and militarizing the police. The M*sons who run every City and Police departments are all going to go Rambo on the public when they are told to. It is an old scam by the Robchilds and their crosseyed relatives.

      • premiumlady Jan 13, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

        yes sir , i see the FED now trying to shift responsibility onto charles evans ,the non j.e.w

    • How can you dismiss the media coverage, and especially the burial segments?

      One has to ask, were you there? Did you Know X child or another, or a teacher, and are they now Dead? Did you See them in a casket, being lowered into the ground?

      Parents usually want their children to be buried, vs, cremated. It's probably a Mom Thing, and I am a Mom. I recall bomb threats and such at my high school, in a really small town, and with a telephone co, that was so simple; every call was noted. But my older Bro had to evacuate, and then when I was in HS, knives were outlawed.
      We had Metal Shop, where guys (usually, not too many gals signed up for it,) made many blades that would be saleable out on the open market, if not trademark worthy.

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