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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Jun 15, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    ERIC HOLDER need to be removed and impeached for not Prosecuting BANKSTER FINANCIAL TERRORIST IN USA :::Why Are There No Banksters In Jail? Are They Being Protected By Attorney General Eric Holder?

    ERIC HOLDER need to be removed and impeached for not Prosecuting BANKSTER FINANCIAL TERRORIST IN USA:::Why Are There No Banksters In Jail? Are They Being Protected By Attorney General Eric Holder?

    Why are there no Banksters in jail? Who and what is protecting them? Attorney General, Eric Holder, is the architect behind the reason why there are no Banksters in jail. Eric Holder has a history of corruption and lies to Congress.

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    In case you had any doubt that federal prosecutors favor corporations over individuals, check out Mythili Raman’s testimony before a House hearing this week.

    Raman is the acting chief of the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice.

    She appeared before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee.

    The title of the hearing — “Who Is Too Big to Fail: Are Large Financial Institutions Immune from Federal Prosecution?”

    In a nutshell, the answer is — Yes they are immune from federal prosecution.

    But it’s not just them.

    It’s the vast majority of major corporate criminals, which now are granted deferred and non prosecution agreements when twenty years ago they were forced to plead guilty.

    This sea change in corporate crime practice was ushered in by then Deputy Attorney General Holder in 1999 when he drafted the Principles of Federal Prosecution of Business Organizations. (Holder has been through the revolving door since — over to Covington & Burling to defend the corporations he’s now charged with prosecuting, then back to the Justice Department as Attorney General under President Obama. And no doubt, soon back to Covington.)

    Under the subsequent rewrites of the Holder memo, federal prosecutors must now take into consideration the collateral consequences of a criminal prosecution on a major corporation including “whether there is disproportionate harm to shareholders, pension holders, employees, and others not proven personally culpable, as well as impact on the public arising from the prosecution.”

    And this, along with the the eight other factors that prosecutors must take into account before prosecuting a corporation tilts the balance away from prosecution and toward deferred and non prosecution agreements.

    Raman made it a point to emphasize twice during her testimony that individuals are not given the same consideration.

    “For individuals, collateral consequences never enter into the equation,” Raman said.

    Why not?

    After all, collateral consequences for individuals can be devastating.

    According to the American Bar Association Task Force on Collateral Consequences, the individual convict “may be ineligible for many federally-funded health and welfare benefits, food stamps, public housing, and federal educational assistance.”

    “His driver’s license may be automatically suspended, and he may no longer qualify for certain employment and professional licenses. If he is convicted of another crime he may be subject to imprisonment as a repeat offender. He will not be permitted to enlist in the military, or possess a firearm, or obtain a federal security clearance. If a citizen, he may lose the right to vote. If not, he becomes immediately deportable.”

    And Raman says that federal prosecutors can’t take these into consideration.

    But must take the collateral consequences of a corporate conviction into consideration.

    Why the difference?

    Because the corporate crime lobby has marinated the justice system.

    And morphed our criminal justice system from one that was meant to deliver equal justice for all to one where corporate criminals reign supreme.

    “You can imagine why, when I see some of the biggest banks in the world, who get a slap on the wrist, for laundering drug money from the drug cartels, and (their executives) are not going to jail” Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California) told Raman at the hearing. “And then we have all of these young people getting arrested, some of them not criminal, just stupid, getting involved with small amounts of cocaine. And yet we have some of the richest, most powerful banks in the world laundering drug money from the drug cartels. Why don’t they (the bank executives) go to jail?”

    Raman started to answer and Waters cut her off.

    “We know what you do,” Waters said. “It’s what you do that we don’t like. What you do is — they get fined. And it’s a cost of doing business.”

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    • Obviously the American "public" does not realize how dangerous this collection of "data" is. So imagine now that anyone who thinks of running for a political office will be "vetted" by who is in control of the information. Every phone call, e-mail, tweet, blog conversation. There will be a "dossier" kept on everyone. So, for example, if John Smith wants to run for office, well, let's just say he better be in the same "camp" as those in control of the information, otherwise........You can fill in the blank. This makes the irs escapades look like child's play. All candidates for every office will be selected for you (as if for the highest offices it is not already being done). Freedom? I think it already gone!

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    • Great 8 as usual Ben

      Like Lambs To The Slaughter --- I like the title...and it fits for the new underground rumors coming in on the fires and explosions now happening in America.

      Rumor 1: Fires and explosions are distractions carried out by rogue agents in our own government and combined with the statement by Oblamer about chemical weapons, are meant to distract Americans away from current scandals of our government agencies and presidenta.

      Rumor 2: We are under attack by Islamic extremists cells, whom btw have made numerous statements claiming to want to set all of America on fire and burn America. Due to all the intel gathering scandals our government is not going to admit the failure to find or detect such cells, let alone not being able to stop them. Further rumoring information describes the terrorist cells as coming across the southern border like illegal aliens and being both financed by and harbored in mosques around the south and south west. They are using cab covered pick up trucks with portable lasers to start fires from long distances that resemble in many ways lightning strikes. Even shakier information describes the Russian Speshnats hired by DHS and now roaming around western states "training" are working with US Military special forces hunting these Islamic firebugs.

      IMHO if I had to pick one, its Rumor 2, with a dash of lightning thrown in to make it fun.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

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