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  • marybad567 marybad567 Aug 2, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    hey goy ask jesu.s which hand he uses to


    pleasure his sweet self moron trash

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    • But hey, your book of fairy tales is pure zevel. Now lekh tiz'da'yen


      If you look for something to base your own opinion about the j??s upon, then you really have to study j??s for yourself as gingerly as you would study rats or vampire bats. This is because the quality test of any religion is not how true it is but what kinds of people it produces. And once you study the kinds of people that are produced by dajudaism, then you will know that you should have spent your time studying something more wholesome and pleasant such as rats and vampire bats instead of studying j??ss.
      Oy Gevalt! How does this relate to the "holy and pious" j??s who so loudly proclaim themselves to be "holier than the angels" and the "very apple of God's eye"? Again, it doesn't matter what the j??s claim; all that's important is what the j??s do. Whether dajudaism is true or false matters less than what the effects of dajudaism have upon the j??s. Good fruit grows on healthy trees. Rotten fruit grows on diseased trees, just as rotten j??s grow out of a diseased religion

    • Him kin do it wit no hands... ;-) Wat make u think Him need hand to pleasure... ;-) U think Him traler trash like u... ;-) ... I pray daylee fa THE ARMMAGGEDDION.... ;-) ...AMEN.... ;-)

      GJA ... ;-) ... and hypocrites everywhere... ;-)

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