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  • chicocan2 chicocan2 May 2, 2010 9:47 PM Flag


    Annual Total Return (%) History ()

    Year ADVDX Category Diff
    2010 N/A N/A N/A
    25.65 28.17 -2.52
    -48.95 -37.79 -11.15
    6.12 6.16 -0.05
    22.57 14.17 8.40
    7.24 5.88 1.36
    23.26 10.02 13.23
    2003 N/A

    JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY, and because of some negative talk about advdx, i wanted to get a historical view.
    2004 thru 2009 (excluding the horible 2008) the total TOTAL RETURN IS 84 % for 5 years is equal to 17 % per year average...Not bad---Even including the horrible 2008, TOTAL RETURN IS 38.89 % FOR 6 years is equal to 6.5% per year average...Still not bad.
    For the terrible 2008, advdx was down 48.95%. Most of the high yeild etfs i have looked at were down about 60 - 70-%..WORKS FOR ME, and looking good. If better around, please let me know. Now to check out gabux..Don't hit me, just the facts....glta

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    • Have you ever seen the phrase "past performance is no guarantee of future performance"?

      This preoccupation of looking into the rear view mirror is counter productive.

      The real and pertinent ADVDX news is the current debt crisis in Europe and what possible effect it will have on the quarterly bonus dividend.

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      • Most foreign stocks only paid a dividend once a year. It is easy for them just to say we will suspend it this year.

      • Pork Chop, the quarterly bonus will be cut as I predicted before the end of the 1st quarter 2011 and probably sooner. It will be unimportant what reason they give. As to the rearview mirror I find that all you pumpers are looking in the rearview mirror when trying to understand ADVDX. They are a much weaker and different fund today than when launched. They could not sustain a 10% total return since then( it's been 4.64) so why would you think they can do 20% now?

        Since the March lows the dow and S&P 500 have out performed this fund by 0ver 30% plus dividends. The fund has watched their NAV become less able to convert to cash to purchase new assets for capture. This is not conjecture it is simple dollars and cents. If you have not reinvested your dividends you now have 50 cents ,in a comparative measure, to the dollar you had in March to sell and repurchase. How in the world can the NAV of this fund rise compared to the DOW and S&P when it has only half of the comparative purchasing power that it did 14 months ago?

        If I were to have a competition and give one participant $1.00 and the other only $.50 and the object was to see who can earn more everyone would agree it would be unfair. Why can't people see that in this fund? If you spent your dividends it's worse, you now have only 50% compared to the indexes since the March lows. Even if you reinvested the dividends you still have 30% less. The fund is trying to maintain the dividend in an environment that has gone agsinst them big time. This has changed the fund as they are doing everything they can to maintain the dividend and it is killing capital performance. I said it in January: the dividend will be cut or the NAV will decline because 20% is too much. I have been correct at each month end since. No one accepts being ahead on points but that's OK. It won't be long before I score a knock out.

    • Annual Total Return (%) History ()

      Year GABUX Category Diff
      2010 N/A N/A N/A
      15.48 17.82 -2.34
      -20.90 -33.87 12.96
      8.58 20.39 -11.82
      23.09 26.03 -2.94
      8.36 13.59 -5.23
      15.59 23.96 -8.37

      GABUX wins up 8.3% for same 6 years, but advdx may be on a roll..decisions,decisions....maybe half and

3.58-0.01(-0.28%)Aug 26 6:45 PMEDT