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  • chicocan2 chicocan2 May 3, 2010 11:29 PM Flag


    Morningstar has a nice chart since the inception of ADVDX compared with the S&P 500 ; TOTAL RETURN figures.

    Guess what, its a virtual tie. No need to go further with the comps IMHO.

    I like ADVDX because in a down draft i will have some income and end up ok in the recovery, as the chart shows

    The market is a vicious teacher, so do not get forced out at a loss....go for the 'long win' is my motto, and i had a securities license 40 or so years ago, and hopefully have amassed a little wisdom.

    Various studies have shown that well over 90% who invest, lose money. GLTA

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    • Chicocan2,

      This is how the whole thing started. I compared ADVDX to the S&P 500 and said the S&P lifetime total return was no where near the 20% dividend that ADVDX was paying at the beginning of the year. My position was 20% ia just too difficult to attain consistently and ADVDX was paying out this much in distributions after paying fund expenses. As a result I maintain the dividend will be cut. If not the NAv will decline. We have now come full circle with using a comparison of ADVDX to the S&P 500 to defend the performance of ADVDX. Thank you. You support my point.

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      • Consistently over the years Advdx will not return 20% we all know this.Once the Nav recovers the yield will not be close to 20% so the overall return will be normalized in the 12-18% Range.Its a big IF when the Nav recovers is the million dollar question.As Div return the fund will have to trade less hold more and longer allowing the nav to recover.Time Time Time is on my side.........................YES it is!

      • MYSONCHINO...thank you for all your posts...good thinking..
        This world is so fu-ked up with liars and cheats with no ethics or shame, it should all fall down and maybe it will, but to find a fund that has three fairly sharp managers takes a load off me...they can scour the world for opportunities and divs so much better than i can, it is kind of exciting to be a part of it. Most of my friends are so discouraged with it all, they go to the Casinos every day.

        I lost a few mil in the real estate down draft...its just starting to come back, but i have lots of tax shelter...but mlps and option etfs are good ideas too...GLTY



        Since 5/06, ADVDX has paid .o7 per mo plus specials. Never missed even in the 08 crash.

        My retirement needs are cash flow to at least beat inflation and taxes . I have not been able to find anything like 20%, and do not concern if nav goes to $1..just less inheritance tax..i do not know why they want to keep the nav at $5 and pay out 20%, but it is an answer to my busted retirement, and i am sure many others are in the same boat.

        Can i sell my gold now and put in GABux and IGD...LOVE THOSE MONTHLY DIVS...

        Many cos are increasing their divs lately...looking good....IMHO....GLTA

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