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  • tomclark2045 tomclark2045 Jul 16, 2010 2:51 PM Flag

    fixing social security

    Thank you for sharing your response. I have a good friend disabled with chronic pain. He looks OK until you hear what he goes through. Also how he has to fight to get enough pain killers to be able to function.

    The face of "compassionate conservatism" is pretty ugly. Oh I forgot, that was just a phrase made up by Karl Rove to fool the public into voting for Jr.

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    • If there were enough money for everyone then all should receive what is needed. Are you telling me that because you know someone who is disabled and experiences pain then those who can build a house, golf, water sky, pour a driveway, ride a bike, walk 7 miles a day, dance all night and stand at the bar for hours and also receive disability should be allowed to continue?

      I don't think this is correct. The idea that someone can receive something for nothing without hurting someone else is the reason this country is in the shape it is.Yes, disabled people should receive disabiity income. Non disabled people should not. I think the method of determination should be revisited because I know more "disabled prople" who are as healthy as I am than I do truly disabled people which have my sympathy and understanding.

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