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  • holew holew Jun 29, 2011 12:09 AM Flag

    ADVDX Proxy for DOW

    Has anyone here noticed that ADVDX is a proxy for the DOW and/or S&P500 with the exception is pays a very nice dividend.

    Since it is an open ended fund which holds dividend paying stocks, it moves in direct relation to the stock market in general regardless of the dividend it pays. This is unlike its closed end brother AOD the price of which does not move in relation to the DOW or S&P500 but is mostly controlled by the dividend payout.

    So ADVDX seems to be the better of the two especially when AOD was trading at a huge premium to its NAV.

    So wait until the market settles down and is on the upward swing. The but ADVDX and get ready for a nice capital gains along with a nice dividend.

    If this thought is wrong please let me know what I have missed. Always ready and willing to learn when I have made a mistake.

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    • jshasky Jun 30, 2011 6:40 PM Flag

      Good information.Also around the first of the year Alpine has in the past payed out a special dividend on the ADVDX,AGD AOD & AWP. I believe Alpine is careful to make sure they don't over pay throughout the year and if they feel anything is left they pay out these special dividends. Keep this in mind this year into the next.

    • I have been tracking ADVDX with VFIFX (a target retirement fund) to see how they compare to daily market ups and downs.
      Their daily change is almost identical. As you already mentioned, ADVDX comes with the monthly dividend. VFIFX gives 1.62% dividend at the end of the year.

      Personally, I have been very satisfied with ADVDX. I bought after the 2008 crash and on the dips thereafter. My basis is very low, so I'm OK. However, there are many investors who have been burned badly by this fund.

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