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  • jertrotter54 jertrotter54 Sep 26, 2011 6:50 PM Flag

    Wait till it comes down to buy

    cramer pumped it up, it'll come down and then buy

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    • $25 before $55.

    • is down. The price is still pretty darn good where it is. Glad I picked some up yesterday, but the price is still a long way from where it was a month ago. The impressive fundamentals of the company never changed despite the recent 20 point drop. Load up. CLR can make big moves in a short period of time. I look forward to quarterly earnings. And the way Harold Hamm has been buying, apparently so does he.

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      • given the way that stocks , in recent years , have been
        trading on headlines and short term events , i would say
        that the price of CLR and other producers will come down
        a lot ..

        a short study on oil , since the shocks of the 70's shows
        a drastic fall after new peaks are set ...

        back in late 70's when oil was in the high 30's analysts
        were predicting no end in sight and definitely oil over
        40 and some as high as 100 .. the bubble broke and
        oil eventually fell under 10 ...

        i would posit the next big down cycle for oil will definitely carry it under 50 , maybe under 40 and the
        oil stocks will follow

        i certainly would not load up the wagon on any oil company
        at this time , but moderate buying would be a good idea,
        saving some dry powder for serious bargains ..

        as so often is the case , basic supply / demand does not
        hold for oil , shortages and gluts occur ... the world
        is due for a glut at some point, but only an idiot would
        propose when ...
        CLR is certainly very very well positioned , especially
        if our politicos decide to use domestic production to
        break dependancy on foreign oil ... with the Bushes gone,
        we should not have such a serious alignment with SA ...

        later .. garce

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