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  • Todd1956 Todd1956 Dec 18, 2002 1:12 PM Flag

    I'm with you guys again.

    Started to reload my trading position this am again. Today looks like a test of a positive 50 dma to me. I am in at 10.93 and 10.94 in initial trading positions. If it drops below this level my bids are for 10.50 and 10.25 just in case but IMHO it will close at 11.00 or higher after the profit taking is done. My ST target will be 11.75 once again and depending on the NG pricing going forward I might hold a little longer this time.
    Anyhow I know most posters could care less about my trading but the opinion is out there now.

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    • Dang, Z, it's a big world out there. I'm gonna pay more attention.

      Thanks for the biblical reference. Given our recent exchanges it amounts to a metaphor for the notion of a conumdrum--a punning answer to riddle.

      One other thought: Relative Strength Index? Z, Shame on us if we can't evaluate a thing for what it is. If it ain't it, then we shouldn't want it. If it is, then its relatives shouldn't bother us.

      We are, as my father often told me, accountable for the companies we keep but we can't be held accountable for our kin!



    • Phillipians = Philippians

      Sorry about that.


    • Peter,

      "What is an RSI person??"

      We believe you when you say you're not a TA guy! (Relative Strength Index)

      "There is nothing I cannot master with the help of the One who gives me strength."
      --Phillipians 4:13


    • Phillipians4&13,

      What in the name of all that is holy are Phillipians4&13?

      Don't mind me. I don't get a lot of stuff. I think you might be right about Todd having mispredicted a tight trading range for DNR 3 weeks ago.

      I live by a reasonably simple motto: If you forgive me my heresies, I'll forgive you yours.

      I agree with you about the quality of this board. There is more than the normal amount of polite discourse and plenty of useful information. The fact that the longs dominate isn't surprising--we have a number of folks here who have triples in the stock and who post currently useful, unbiased and reasonably well-checked stuff no matter what it is.

      And, by the way, what is an RSI person?


      P. Dane

    • Good board. But didn't Todd in November 2002 predict a tight trading range around $10 per share? No offense to him, but to be 15% off in about a month is significant. The annualized effect of such a mishap is particularly noticeable.
      I do like to read his posts, though, and was hoping for more detail about what number of days' RSI people use to evaluate DNR.

    • Z,

      You win. You get to pick on Todd. I ain't goin there!

      Incidentally, I can't remember whether it was you or Hugh who got me mixed up with TMR but since I have been in the stock (2.2 weeks, I think.) I have been down 11% and now up about 15%.

      There is absolutely nothing like the occasional roller coaster ride later on in life, Z.

      Once you get to be 55 you'll appreciate my pearls of wisdom. Yae've shawn nae signs of matoority laddie, boot thar's awlays hoop!


    • Peter,

      Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Todd waits for a stock to drop some percentage (5%, 10%, pick your number) and announces that he's made a purchase. Then he'll say that he's going to buy more if the stock goes down by another 25� or 50� or whatever. If the stock goes up immediately, he's called a bottom. If it goes down some more, he buys more, etc. until he's called a bottom.

      Several posters have pointed out that Todd conveniently disappears when a stock keeps dropping (like TMR recently) only to start posting again at a later date saying that he quadrupled down at the very bottom and has a profit when the stock is way below the price at which he started buying.

      Like I said the last time Todd and I got into it, pass the salt shaker!


    • Todd,

      I will restate my often offered opinion that you should have just held the $9.50 stuff you got last time. On the other hand, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Hope you have as much fun with this trade as you have with any in the past.

      Whole energy sector getting beat up nicely today. Sympathy with the OSX? I must admit I don't get it. But I ain't fightin' it either. Did a little bargain hunting myself this morning.

      • 2 Replies to pddane_01929
      • Near historical lows in oil stocks; Venezuela/Iraq in chaos; Crude oil purchasers engaging in contango (effectively 'shorting' oil purchases); Natural gas production declining at unprecedented 6-7%; No new drilling for NG based on sorry prospects and lack of Wall Street interest/investment; NG prices holding consistently at near record levels; Prospect of severe winter depleting NG storage (levels went from record high/near topped out - to below last year's high - to below 5 year average - {to below record lows soon?} all in the blink of an eye);

        Add all this up and DNR's stock price drops. What's not to get?

      • I don't know how you figure but I got out at much higher average prices up to 11.75and just bought them back at a lower level. by about 6 -7 %. If it goes to 11.75 and I just held original shares I'd be behind by that percentage. I also bought more today on margin than last go round so if it goes back to 11.75 again I'll gain even more.
        Same old argument - Buy and hold vs trade for profit. I gave up buy and hold in 1999 and am still sitting on more than a double in my portfolio since December 1999. I'll buy and hold but for much shorter periods of time....

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