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  • soscorp soscorp Aug 28, 2005 9:51 PM Flag

    Jackson Dome

    Looks like the Jackson Dome area will get hitr with 75-100 mile/hr winds sometime late Monday-early Tuesday. Can you imagine the crippling a CO2 curtailment would be to DNRs tertiary program? Something to keep an eye on.

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    • I'm remembering that the wells using CO2 recovery lose pressure rapidly and regain pressure slowly when CO2 injections are stopped and restarted. I'm surprised that DNR doesn't have generator power that can restore CO2 pumping quicker then thier projected week downtime.

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      • Soscorp,

        I was more surprised to hear that the LOOP pumping plant at Port Fourchon didn't have one. That's just 4 big pumps in one spot. I looked this up on the internet and you can buy an old-fashioned 2.4 MW diesel-fired generator for a half a million bucks--short money.

        I'm not sure that DNR is in the same position because their wells are geographically dispersed. The utility has lines that are geographically dispersed themselves so they can handle that but DNR would have to wire many of the wells independently and in parallel to get the same effect. That might not be doable.

        One thing is for sure, come next cc you are going to hear lots of questions from folks about back-up plans and capability.



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