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  • ch4_tycoon ch4_tycoon Apr 10, 2006 10:02 AM Flag

    OT: Peter the Archeologist?

    <<<Given the amount of population movement attested to on this board alone its amazing we have any local character left.>>>

    Population mobility and franchised conformity....oy. I can travel coast to coast and eat the exact same food in almost any town I land in.

    When I was a kid that was part of the fun of travel....all the new local flavors in restaurants. Now when I travel with the lids they want - three guesses - McD's, Chili's, etc. And, even if you can find a "local" restaurant, chances are its wares are purchased from a big supplier like Sysco or Ben E. Keith and the "chef" is actually just a reheater of food prepared in a large industry food kitchen somewhere else.

    And, being a Texan in Texas, I have to now actually look to find other natives....which leads me to.....why is there a negative sterotypical image of Texans anymore? It seems most folks in TX aren't even Texan. You have to get out in the country to even find any of us native-types.

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    • Back in 1821, James Audubon painted many of his bird pictures here in St. Francisville. He left and said to do nothing until he came back. We haven't.
      By the way jp26olemiss, I will be in Oxford in a couple of weeks for the Ole Miss-LSU baseball series.

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