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  • jp26olemiss jp26olemiss Apr 7, 2006 7:45 PM Flag

    OT: Peter the Archeologist?


    Read on the THE board, which my Pater rode up 10% the last four days, (how do he and gh time the the market like this?)that you were trained as an archeologist. Ditez-moi, porquoi, why you abandoned such a noble calling to chase the Yankee dollar.
    very OT for PV and APB-- one of my neighbors asked me when I was in school if Massachussetts was part of the US. I answered in the affirmative, and he looked at me like I was funnin' him. Folks I grew up around thought that Memphis was were the North began.


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    • All,

      55 NGHHW HDDs last week 41 less than normal and 24 less than last year. Same numbers for OHHW are 79, -45, -38.

      13 CDDs, 7 greater than normal and last year.

      Robry pointing at a reasonably good build but also suggesting that surprises are typical for this week.



    • Most beers list alcohol by volume (ABV).

    • Hugh,

      A good list. I've had a number of those. In the 60's in Iran I had a number of bottles of Shamms. One came complete with a dead mouse in the neck of the bottle. No harm done as the first thing you saw when looking at it was the little critter grinning at you so we went no where near it.

      The waiter was as embarrassed and as apologetic as anyone I have ever seen.



    • Peter, I certainly agree with your no 1 and with the Erdinger Hefeweissen dunkel. However, I don�t remember having a beer that I didnt like in Germany, be it a tiny glass in Cologne or a liter mug in Munich. The most unusual is smoked beer. My personal favorite is the Czech Pilsner Urquell. For a hot summer, my favorite is the Russian Kvass, sour and very low alcohol. (Maybe a marketing opportunity in the US?) I have also enjoyed Fix in Greece, Stella in Egypt, Tusker in Kenya, airag (kumiss)made of mare�s milk in Mongolia and corn based chicha in Peru. (Don�t forget to spill a little on the floor for Pacha Mama).(Ulaan Baatar also has a German beer garden with good beer.)The most memorable beer order was in Allepo (Halab). My wife and I were having a light lunch of a sandwitch and each of us ordered a local Allepo beer. The waiter was not happy and his poor English and my poorer Arabic did not reach understanding. He called the headwater who explained that the bottles were one liter and, perhaps, we would like to share one bottle rather than have two. We agreed. The alchohol content written on the bottle was 10%. By volume or by weight? No idea. Regards, hic, Hugh

    • If money was no problem,I like Moosehead. But seeing that energy stocks are in 401, I guess have be conservative. While in Germany, we were in Saar basin where Heineken Pilsner was available. It was not an export beer and had no perservatives. Probably my favorite. Germany sure spoiled me on beer. There are no mini-brews in my neck of the woods.

    • Todd,

      Major league respect for your having survived Pabst Blue Ribbon to live a fruitfull adult life. I am not certain of this but I believe that Pabst might have had a brewery pulling water out of Lake Cochituate in Massachusetts at one time.

      Another beer that should live in infamy is Haffenreffer. Don't know where that one was brewed.

      Perhaps a change in the thread would be enlivening.

      Good brews: (1) Guinness Stout on draft in an Irish pub (2) Any best bitter in a pub in East Anglia (3) Ipswich Brewery India Pale Ale (Todd, I am bringing a growler of this on ice to our slugfest for your amusement.) (4) A bottle of Heinekin, ice cold, after a long, hot 18 (5) Molson's Golden or Labatte Cinquante (in appreciation of our Canadian posters) and last but not least (I would actually put this in the 4th spot.) an Erdinger Hefeweissen Dunkel from Bavaria--an exemplar of all that is good about beer.



    • Just had to add to this important survey as the worst I've ever drank was called
      " Fishers Ale" which we drank in high school as it sold for $.69 per six-pack.
      The next has to be what my uncle used to serve us at card games in Wisconsin : 'Pabst Light', one could stand it in a long necked bottle but the stuff in cans wasn't worth pouring on the ground as it probably would fall under the EPA category of ' ground water contamination'.


    • Y'all ever drank a warm Mickey's Big Mouth??...
      that'll yeller yer Yahoo!!

    • "Horlacher"

      The name alone brings this to mind...

      "Double, double toil and trouble,
      Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

      That had to be real rot gut stuff.

    • Horlacher,brewed somewhere in Pa

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